July 1984 · Vol. 13 No. 3 · p. 56 

Historical Endnotes

Ken Reddig


A four-volume edition of one of Canada’s best-known Mennonite writers Arnold Dyck (1889-1970), is being prepared by the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. Immigrating to Canada in 1923, Dyck became the editor of the Steinbach Post, was founder and editor of Die Mennonitische Warte and established Echo-Verlag which for many years published important historical works on Mennonite Russia. He is best remembered for his hilarious Low German stories of “Koop enn Bua” and for his sensitive Bildungsroman Verloren in der Steppe. The first volume of this edition will be published in mid-1984. Editors of the series include Victor Doerksen, Erica Ens, Elizabeth Peters, George Epp, Harry Loewen and Al Reimer.