Spring 1985 · Vol. 14 No. 1 · p. 58 

Historical Endnotes

Ken Reddig


Five book-length manuscripts of historical and theological interest, utilizing the resources of the Fresno Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, are presently being prepared by Seminary faculty. They include Hans Kasdorf’s D.Th. dissertation entitled “A Century of Mennonite Brethren Mission Thinking, 1885-1984.” John E. Toews is editing a book entitled, “The Way of Peace” which includes an appendix on “Mennonite Brethren Statements on Peace, War and the Draft.” Henry Schmidt is preparing his Ph.D. dissertation for publication, “Continuity and Change in an Ethical Tradition: A Case Study of North American Mennonite Brethren Church-State Rhetoric and Practice, 1917-1979.” J.B. Toews is researching and writing a volume on “Mennonite Brethren Faith and Life.” Howard Loewen is editing a book of Mennonite Confessions of Faith in North America entitled, “One Lord, One Church, One Hope and One God.”


Rachel Hiebert, recently retired archivist at the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies in Fresno, reports that during the past year the Center received contributions from 126 donors for a total of 2964 items and 197 linear feet of archival material. Of immediate interest are the collections of John H. Lohrenz, J.J. Gerbrandt and I.G. Neufeld.

The John H. Lohrenz collection consists of more than 200 books and various conference related publications. Among these materials are extensive sermon notes, minutes and diaries. A variety of publications in Telegu are also included.

The J.J. Gerbrandt collection includes sermon notes, music, and calendars of activities and church planting ministries.

The I.G. Neufeld collection contains material related to Nonresistance and Canadian Mennonites 1873-1946. Also included are copies of his many articles which appeared in various publications. Related to the Russian context are an assortment of charts recording census figures compiled in the Ukraine during the German occupation of World War II.