Oct. 1973–Jan. 1974 · Vol. 2 No. 4 · p. 97 

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Delbert L. Wiens

Teaching, printing schedules and ordinary procrastination have taken more than their normal toll of DIRECTION’s appearances. With this issue we combine the October, 1973 and the January, 1974 issues, and bring you an essay by Delbert Wiens, Prof. in the Department of Humanities, Pacific College.

“From the Village to the City” is Wiens’ attempt to focus for us where the Mennonite Brethren have come culturally and sociologically and anthropologically; it is an unusual article in that it has no footnotes and cites no learned monographs. But in its analysis of our movement from village to town to city, it probes deeply where we feel, and for many of us that is the point at which we begin to think.

We invite you to respond to Wiens’ musings so that a colloquium of readers’ reactions may follow in subsequent issues.

The article by Herb Giesbrecht, Prof. of English, Mennonite Brethren Bible College, brings an example of the city to us: a review of material relating to C. S. Lewis. If we were still reading with our village-eyes, the name would be unknown.