Spring 1993 · Vol. 22 No. 1 · p. 97 

Historical Endnotes

Kevin Enns-Rempel


The Mennonite story is a wonderful story. It is a story of over 450 years, spanning many continents and cultures. It is a story rich in heroic figures and stirring commitments. Like the story of the people of Israel, it is the story of God’s presence, grace, and faithfulness.

In an effort to make this story known to Mennonite Brethren audiences today, the Historical Commission of the Mennonite Brethren Church in 1991 published a “Basic Mennonite Library for Mennonite Brethren Congregations.” Prepared primarily to aid local church libraries in developing an adequate collection of print and video materials on Mennonite faith and life, the bibliography is also a valuable resource for individuals interested in studying the Mennonite story.

The bibliography includes information regarding author and title, publisher and publishing date, and a brief description of the item’s contents. Information on ordering these items is also provided. The bibliography is divided into ten sections:

  1. Mennonite History (16 items)
  2. Mennonite Theology and Biblical Studies (16 items)
  3. Mennonite Mission, Witness and Service (6 items)
  4. Mennonite Life (8 items)
  5. Biography (8 items)
  6. Mennonite Literature (7 items)
  7. Books for Younger Readers (8 items)
  8. Reference Works (2 items)
  9. Films and Videos (4 items)
  10. Books of Regional Interest (13 items)

The pamphlet is aimed primarily at Mennonite Brethren readers, and so includes a large number of items related to that conference. However, it also includes several items on the larger Anabaptist and Mennonite traditions of which the Mennonite Brethren Church is an integral part.

Copies of the bibliography are available free of charge from the Historical Commission of the Mennonite Brethren Church, 4824 E. Butler, Fresno, CA 93727-5097 or phone (209) 453-2225.

Kevin Enns-Rempel
Archivist, Center for M.B. Studies
Fresno, CA