Fall 1995 · Vol. 24 No. 2 · p. 4 

From the Editors: Working with Words

Jean Janzen

Professor Clarence Hiebert    

In Recognition and Appreciation of Katie Funk Wiebe, Writer and Professor Emerita of English, Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas.

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Ever since Eden, humanity has struggled with the resulting disorder of communication. Words require work, even as they offer a means for restoring divine order on this earth, the Logos as our guide.

Working with words, then, is a high task for preachers, teachers, scholars and creative writers. This issue of Direction gives recognition to this charge.

Wilfred Martens’ argument for the importance of teaching literature celebrates the art of writing. Examining biblical literature, Mary Anne Isaak and Jon Isaak illuminate and challenge our considerations of gender and scholarship.

It is fitting that creative efforts with words are offered by Mennonite Brethren women in sermon, poetry, and fiction, as this issue is dedicated to Katie Funk Wiebe, one who models a life of writing with skill and integrity. Her article on Mennonite Brethren women is paired with Valerie Rempel’s research on women’s missionary societies.

It is the work as journey which seems emblematic of writing itself, words in a line finding their way. Katie’s essay on her spiritual journey and her colleague Wes Prieb’s tribute to her as a pilgrim-writer summarize the essence of this primary gift of language.

The spring issue will feature choice essays by students from sponsoring colleges.

Jean Janzen
Guest Editor