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Fall 1995 · Vol. 24 No. 2 · pp. 88–97 

The Writings and Oral Presentations of Katie Funk Wiebe

David Giesbrecht


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During The 1960’s:

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During the 1970’s:

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* Designates a series of 5 articles written in The Gospel Herald on 5 program boards of the Mennonite Church.

During the 1980’s:

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During the 1990’s:

“Art: Artificial Implant or Natural Body Part?” Christian Leader, February 1995.

“Can I Grow after 65?” Christian Leader, April 1995.

“Devotional Guide.” WMSC Voice of the Mennonite Church, July/August 1989-June 1990.

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“Without Family Worship, Are We Becoming Practical Secularists?” Christian Leader, April 23, 1991.

“Your Family’s Foundation For Survival.” Christian Leader, April 23, 1991.


“Aging as a Spiritual Journey.” Address at Camps With Meaning annual banquet. November 6, 1994.

“Alternative Health-Care Systems.” Address at banquet of Mennonite Health Association Subcommittee on Rising Health Care Costs. Laurelville Camp. July 1983.

“Art—Artificial Implant or Natural Body Part.” Lecture given at the MCC BC Peace and Arts Festival, Abbotsford, BC, August 6-8, 1993.

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“Contribution of the Past.” Series of lectures given at the Annual Meeting of the Laurelville Church Centre. Laurelville, Pennsylvania. July 1980.

Daily Problems Need Daily Faith” (Radio Broadcast).**

“The Glory of the Church Is Love.” Address given at the Annual Convention of the North American Conference of Mennonite Brethren churches. Abbotsford, BC, August 1987.

“Go Ahead, Save the World, But Be Home by Supper.” Commencement address given at Fresno Pacific College, Fresno, California. May 6, 1989. {97}

“Good Times with Old Times.” Lecture given at Kansas Library Association, Wichita, Kansas, March 27, 1981.

“Growing Up After You’ve Grown Up.” (Radio Broadcast).**

“Help For Your Dreams.” (Radio Broadcast).**

“How Christian Literature Works.” Lecture given at banquet of Choice Books. Sarasota, Florida, February 1984.

“How I Received Shoes as a Communicator.” Presentation to Annual Meeting of Mennonite Reporter, November 1987.

“In But Still Out: The New Mennonite Brethren.” A conference study paper presented at the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies. Winnipeg. November 13-14, 1986.

“Jesus and Womanhood.” Lectures given at the conference on Biblical Perspectives on Women in the Church. Mennonite Central Committee British Columbia. Clearbrook, BC, November 1978.

“Making Adult Education Adult.” Lecture given at the Manitoba Sunday School Convention of Mennonite Churches. (Morden) October 24-30, 1981.

“Mapmaking in New Country.” Commencement address given at Mennonite Biblical Seminaries. Elkhart, Indiana. May 30, 1985.

“Mennonite Brethren Women: Images and Realities.” Lecture given at the Mennonite Brethren Historical Society of the West Coast, Fresno, California. May 3, 1981.

“Mennonite Humour.” Lecture given at the Sideboard. Elkart, Indiana. May 2, 1982.

“No Deposit, No Return.” Commencement Address given at Eastern Mennonite High school. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. May 1990.

“Nurturing into Body Life.” Lecture given at the Assembly of the Virginia Mennonite Conference. Harrisonburg, Virginia. July 15-16, 1983.

“Risk to Grow.” (Radio Broadcast).**

“Secularism and the Church.” Lecture given at the Manitoba Sunday School Convention of Mennonite Churches. (Assiniboine Camp) October 24, 1981.

“Servanthood and Creativity.” Lecture given at Bible Conference of Mennonite Church. Lombard, Illinois. March 19-20, 1982.

“The Style of Low German Folklore.” Lecture given at the Annual Convention of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. August 6, 1982.

“Teacher, How Many Words Do I Need For Tomorrow’s Essay?” Address given at first LARK Banquet for Heston College faculty and staff Heston College. August 27, 1982.

“2001: Religious Writing For An Information Age.” Given at West Coast Mennonite Writers Conference, Salem, Oregon. October, 17-19, 1986.

“Voices of Liberation.” Lecture given at the Anabaptist and Mennonite Brethren History and Practice Symposium on Women the Church. May 6-7. 1976.

** Leaflets accompanying guest talks on “Your Time,” produced by Mennonite Board of Missions radio broadcasts in 1985.


Prayers of an Omega: Facing the Transitions of Aging, Kindred, 1995.

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