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April 1974 · Vol. 3 No. 1 · p. 189 

Book Review

Pulpit Giants: What Made Them Great

Donald E. Demaray. Chicago, IL: Moody, 1973. 174 pages.

Reviewed by Abe J. Dueck

This volume can hardly be considered a worthwhile investment for anyone in the church. It consists of a series of twenty-five character sketches of “pulpit giants.” The criteria for selection of the particular individuals are not stated and there is no logical principle of organization—the individuals are simply arranged in alphabetical order. There are approximately four pages on each individual and very little is stated that can be described as either original or stimulating. The concluding chapter attempts to extract some common characteristics of these preachers, but again the result is very disappointing and even ludicrous, e.g., “Inevitably, they are individualists” (p. 165), or “Great men of God have an appreciation of nature. Edwards rode his horse. . .,” and, “All memorable preachers are characterized by great joy” (p. 167).

Hopefully, the promising title of the book will not mislead too many unwary purchasers.

Abe Dueck,
MB Bible College

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