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April 1974 · Vol. 3 No. 1 · p. 189 

Book Review

Within the Circle

Rosalind Rinker. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1973. 120 pages.

Reviewed by Esther Wiens

In her introduction Miss Rinker says, “This is the story of my journey throughout the wilderness of religious prejudice during which God taught me some basic truths about the Bible.” The words are well chosen, for much of the book is a portrayal of a young girl struggling to make herself acceptable to God and man. Rosalind grew up amid people who sought hard after salvation but knew little of the freedom in Christ. Notwithstanding a personal relationship with Christ, they promoted a strong emphasis on outward conformity which prompted young girls to wear long black stockings and drab clothes.

In her wholehearted effort to follow God’s leading, Miss Rinker went to China as a missionary only to find that she had brought her prison of prejudice and inhibitions with her. She reports with simplicity and candour on her struggle toward freedom; through a deeper faith in the power of God, through confession of sin and by exchanging prejudice for acceptance, she was able to rid herself of the shackles which had held her. The image of Christians in their various camps deferred to the image of a circle which encompasses all of God’s people.

Esther Wiens,
MB Bible College

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