Spring 2005 · Vol. 34 No. 1 · pp. 125–29 

Current Research

Douglas B. Miller

Faculty Publications, 2004


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Chapters in Books

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Musical Recordings

Boschman, Nelson. Keeping Time, Vol. 01: Sounding the Liturgical Year Through Jazz. NBT16002. The Nelson Boschman Trio with guests. 2004. Compact disc. [CBC]

Funk, Tony. By Light Indwelled: Choral Music by West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir. IKR015CD. The West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir. 2004. Compact disc. [CBC]

Doctoral Thesis

Rogalsky, Tim. “Acceleration of Differential Evolution for Aerodynamic Design.” Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics. University of Manitoba, 2004. Advisor: R. W. Derksen. Current Position: Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Abstract: It has been demonstrated that Differential Evolution (DE) is a robust optimizer for aerodynamic design of fan blade profiles, but it can require 50,000 flow calculations to converge to a solution. As this is feasible with only the simplest aerodynamic model, accelerated convergence is required. This dissertation presents, as benchmarks, convergence rates for three design cases using Bezier parameterization of airfoils and optimizing with DE. These benchmark rates are accelerated in two ways. First, an improved solution space is provided by Bezier-PARSEC airfoil parameterization. To compare their representation abilities, Bezier and Bezier-PARSEC parameterizations are used to reproduce 63 disparate airfoils. Second, DE is modified in three different ways to provide improved convergence characteristics with the new parameterization: First, a new selection operator is introduced, variable birthrate, which can bias the search toward the most promising regions of the solution space; second, DE is hybridized with Downhill Simplex, a local search method; and third, DE is accelerated by an algorithm modeling the biological immune system. The most successful strategy is Hybridized Immune Accelerated DE. Using the new BP 3333 parameterization, the design algorithm converges within 10,000 flow calculations, four to ten times faster than the benchmarks.

Masters Theses, Students at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, 2004

Falk, Jacqueline L. “The Israelites’ Fear of God: An Investigation of ‘Fear of God’ Terminology in the Book of Deuteronomy.”

Neufeld, Garth W. “The Relationship Between God Image and Attachment in a Large University Sample.”

Redfern, Anthony H. “The Image of God in Peacemaking Training: Providing a Theological Reflection for Training in Conflict Management and Peacemaking.”

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