Spring 2007 · Vol. 36 No. 1 · pp. 119–24 

Current Research

Douglas B. Miller

Faculty Publications, 2006


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Musical Recording

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Doctoral Dissertations

Bartlett, Rick. “A Seven-Strand Cord: Braiding Together Leadership Development for Mid-Adolescents.” Doctor of Ministry, Leadership in the Emerging Culture. Newberg, Oregon: George Fox University, 2006. Advisor: R. Larry Shelton. Current Position: Dean of Students and Constituency Relations, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno, California.

This project has an underlying assumption that the emerging culture will be radically different from life in the present-day. Given this assumption, leadership development programs for mid-adolescents that emphasize “business as usual” methods will not be able to adequately prepare young people for leadership in this new paradigm. Therefore, this document proposes a new approach. This strategy is based on a metaphor of the “rope walk”—braiding together a seven-strand cord of leadership development as a nonsequential, easily-reproducible strategy for churches to prepare current teenagers for leadership in the emerging culture.

Doerksen, Paul. “Beyond Suspicion: Post-Christendom Protestant Political Theology in the Thought of John Howard Yoder and Oliver O’Donovan.” Doctor of Philosophy, Western Religious Thought, with a focus in theological ethics. Hamilton, Ontario: McMaster University, 2006. Advisor: P. Travis Kroeker. Current Position: Part-time teacher at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate (Biblical studies, history); sessional lecturer at Canadian Mennonite University, University of Manitoba.

The modern era includes a two-fold tradition of radical suspicion: the suspicion that politicians corrupt morality, and that politics is corrupted by theology. However, such a view has been challenged in recent theological thought which seeks to move beyond such suspicion to recover a constructive role for political theology. By pursuing a critical comparison of the political theologies of John Howard Yoder and Oliver O’Donovan, my thesis shows how post-Christendom Protestant political theology has attempted to move beyond such suspicion without putting forward some hidden attempt to reassert a contemporary version of Christendom.

O’Donovan’s political theology, written from within the British Anglican tradition, is a bold project in which he attempts to push back the horizons of commonplace secularist politics and open it up theologically, a move that he believes will offer crucial resources for thinking about justice and the common good. A related response is presented by Yoder who, as an American Mennonite, represents Anabaptism. From this more marginal ecclesial location, Yoder’s thought stands both as a challenge to regnant liberal notions of the relation of church and state, and as an important interlocutor for O’Donovan’s political theology. Yoder argues that political theology entails a particular kind of focus on the church, where the very shape of the church in the world is a public witness for the world, and not first of all withdrawal from the world.

My critical comparison brings to view areas of significant convergence and divergence in understandings of the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the New Testament. O’Donovan’s and Yoder’s respective interpretations of Christendom are also fundamentally divergent, as are their views on the legitimacy of the use of force by government, clearly seen in O’Donovan’s support of the Just War Tradition and Yoder’s promotion of Messianic pacifism.

Master’s Theses: Students at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, 2006

Geddert, Jennica Willems. “Transforming Organized Religion.”

Suderman, Alex. “The Truth of the Cross: The Motif of Truth in John’s Gospel.”

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