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Vic Froese

Faculty Publications 2007


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Issues of gender permeate all aspects of music, music education, and music making. Gender issues that influence the formative experiences of exemplary women choral conductors reside in the stories that women choral conductors choose to relate and the manner in which they relate their stories. The purpose of this research was to develop an understanding of and to document the personal experiences of exceptional women choral conductors, with a particular focus on emergent gender issues. Individual, in-depth interviews were conducted to gather the life stories of three exemplary women choral conductors. Each interview produced extensive transcripts with rich details from life stories including family influences, educational practice, and career experiences. In addition, the researcher became a fourth participant in this study, and related her stories in an interview created from the same framework of questions used with the three primary participants. Drawing upon the practices of narrative research methodology, gender-related themes emerged from the collected narratives. The gathered collection of stories gave insights into the formative experiences of the participating choral conductors as well as to the issues that influenced their experiences. In the analysis of these stories, it was important to consider both articulated issues of gender and enacted issues of gender, as well as spoken and unspoken gender-related influences.

This study invites a conversation that explores issues of gender as found within the experiences of women choral directors. In many ways, this is not a new conversation; it is an expansion of many existing conversations. Women in music have been negotiating their “place at the table” for many years, and women’s life experiences have only recently constituted legitimate knowledge for research purposes. This study serves to contribute to the current conversation in new ways.

Robles-Calderron, Wilder. “Peasant Mobilization, Land Reform and Agricultural Co-operativism in Brazil: The Case of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), 1984-2004.” Doctor of Philosophy, Rural Studies. Guelph, Ontario: University of Guelph, 2007. Advisor: Tony Winson. Current Position: Assistant Professor of Family Social Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Until recently, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies, Menno Simons College, Canadian Mennonite University.)

This dissertation examines the interplay of peasant mobilization, land reform and agricultural co-operativism in Brazil from 1984 to 2004. Its context is the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), which is considered the most dynamic force for progressive social change in Latin America today. This dissertation uses an integrated macro-micro theoretical perspective in order to examine peasant mobilization, agrarian reform, and co-operative formation from a more balanced and nuanced approach. The integrated neo-Marxist and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (SRLs) theoretical approach is supported by fieldwork in three Brazilian states (Paraná, São Paulo, and Goiás). Its central thesis is as follows: the MST’s community-based model of land reform has great potential for effectively promoting SRLs. [. . .] The main conclusions of this dissertation are seven-fold: first, land reform has had a limited impact on land inequality and rural poverty; second, concerted peasant mobilization is fundamental to achieving access to resources necessary for SRLs; third, the nurturing of a culture of co-operation and the culture of solidarity are vital to enhancing community participation in the pursuit of SRLs; fourth, the promotion of SRLs is inherently a political and conflictual process; fifth, interper­sonal and group conflicts obstruct the pursuit of SRLs; sixth, the incorporation of principles of conflict resolution or conflict management into SRLs approaches is essential to overcoming internal obstacles; and seventh, the state has to play a major role in supporting community-based SRLs by providing access to financial, educational, technological, and human resources.

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