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Spring 2008 · Vol. 37 No. 1 · pp. 138–142 

Recommended Reading

Learning and Faith: A Select Classified Bibliography

Vic Froese

The literature on faith, learning, and higher education is vast, so the following is certainly not an exhaustive bibliography. It includes, with a few exceptions, Protestant works on the significance of scholarly study for Christian faith (and vice versa), as well as investigations into the role of academic institutions in promoting—or, in some cases, failing to promote—higher learning as an appropriate Christian vocation and field of engagement. While only a few entries date back farther than the 1980s, several discuss the longer history of Christian views of learning. Norman Klassen and Jens Zimmermann’s fine recent book, The Passionate Intellect, is one of these. Its bibliography should be consulted for works on the roots of the university in medieval Christendom.


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See also the Fall 2007 issue of Direction, which includes a number of essays on Christian higher education.

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