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Current Research

Vic Froese

Faculty Publications 2008


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Abstract: This dissertation considers the intersection of change leadership and intercultural church life toward the goal of helping pastors move from authoritarian leadership to communal discernment. It begins by asking such questions as: how can pastors lead homogeneous congregations to embrace intercultural life in the midst of a multicultural community? Why do pastors seem to be unable to successfully lead cultural change in congregations? Investigating expert systems and cultural influences on churches located in the Southwestern U.S., specifically focusing on Southern Baptist churches, this dissertation develops a practical theological approach to pastoral leadership that embraces communal leadership. This approach utilizes conflict as an opportunity for engaging positive change through communal praxis informed by “education for connation,” Appreciative Inquiry, and missional exploration of God’s reign toward a desired goal of intercultural church life.

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Abstract: In the late 1990s and early 2000s, social justice activists in the United States initiated two coalition based campaigns aimed at ameliorating the violence associated with extractive industries in Angola, Sierra Leone and Sudan. The ideological diversity, the disparate interests of the coalition participants and the spatial distance of the violence from the mobilized constituents, were intriguing puzzles. Part of this dissertation is an exploration of how it is that these widely diverse actors were able to collaborate and successfully run the campaigns despite their significant differences. I advance the argument that diversity of ideological subscription is no bar to coalition work in campaigns because a strategic basis for operationalization enables collaboration across ideological and interest differences.

Extant scholarship on social movements is predominantly state centric, but in these two cases the violators of human rights were other than states, i.e., corporations, rebels and warlords that operated across state boundaries, and they were enabled in their operations by the free market. To better encapsulate the range of available structural opportunities, I utilized a tripartite opportunity structure framework for analysis. I delineated institutional, discursive and geo-political opportunity structures rather than just political opportunity structures.

Looking at institutional opportunity structures allowed me to go beyond the state for the arena within which change takes place. The discursive frame reflects the dynamic nature of social change. The efforts of the activists through the framing of their messages as well as their mobilizing efforts were met by the counter frames of the targets and mediated by the prevailing context. Rather than simply a unidirectional frame activity from the activists, I wanted to capture the competing nature of the framing processes in the public sphere. Thirdly, although the campaigns took place during the same historical time space and were instigated by the same phenomenon of violence in extractive industries, they had divergent trajectories and different outcomes. Economic and strategic interests were clearly the over-riding imperatives for industry and the US government. Activists capitalized on that and so geopolitical opportunity structure served to complete the analytical framework.


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