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Cory L. Seibel, Intergenerational Reconciliation and Justice as Essential Dimensions of Missional Renewal in the Postmodern Transition. Doctor of Philosophy, Practical Theology. University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. Defended July 9, 2009. Graduated September 1, 2009. Research Promoter: Professor Malan Nel. Current position: Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary.

Abstract: As American society journeys through the postmodern transition, many churches are struggling to respond to cultural change within a fragmented generational context. The ineffectiveness of these churches in transmitting the Christian tradition to Gen Xers, the first postmodern generation, threatens their ability to sustain their witness through this period. This project advances the hypothesis that, if established churches are to sustain their witness through the postmodern transition, they must engage in a process of missional renewal that encompasses Generation X. When considered from both sociological and theological perspectives, this process must be seen as entailing a commitment to intergenerational reconciliation and justice. Theoretical foundations are explored for understanding the intergenerational praxis of the church in relation to the intergenerational praxis of society. Essential historical background is provided through explorations of the influence of modernity upon society and the influence of Christendom upon the church’s praxis. The emergence of social structures that separate the generations and their influence upon the praxis of the church also is explored. The complexities associated with the postmodern shift are important to the development of this study. Generation X is introduced as a cohort whose formative years closely approximate this period and who most fully bear the marks of its impact. Both the “marriage” of Christendom and modernity and the intergenerational dynamics of many established churches are shown to limit their ability to respond to postmodernism and, thus, to transmit their faith traditions effectively to Xers. Against this backdrop, the need for missional renewal is advanced. A case is made for the importance of including Xers in this process. In turn, intergenerational reconciliation and justice are shown to be integral dimensions of the renewal process. Finally, the “Missional Change Model” is introduced as a framework for renewal that enables the cultivation of intergenerational reconciliation and justice.

[Full dissertation manuscript is available for viewing online at]


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