April 1975 · Vol. 4 No. 2 · p. 293 

In This Issue

Delbert L. Wiens

What did God intend Adam and Eve to be? What is the proper role for all of us who belong to “humankind”? Art DeFehr, in a chapel address presented last fall at Mennonite Brethren Bible College, Winnipeg, answered that we are the crown of creation, but not the center. We are, essentially, gardeners in the Lord’s garden. His sermon, replacing Preaching Lab in this issue, presents a biblical view of our mission in God’s world.

The mission of the people of God is also to create a community which frees people to be human, as God intended them to be. This also means helping those who have lost their true humanity to find it. Hans Kasdorf describes for us the zeal and the methods by which the early Anabaptists sought to win others to God. He has also provided for us a select reading list on mission.