Spring 2016 · Vol. 45 No. 1 · pp. 110–118 

Faculty Publications 2015

Vic Froese


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  • Pauls, Matt. Bass soloist for Saskatoon Symphony performances of The Messiah (Saskatoon, SK), December 11 & 12, 2015. [CMU]
  • ———. Solo recital with pianist Denise Jung in the CentreSpace for the Arts Recital Series (London, ON), March 1, 2015. [CMU]
  • Van der Hooft, Rosemarie. Performed “Love (before and) After 1950” with pianist Madeline Friesen. House concert (Winnipeg, MB), October 2, 2015. [CMU]
  • ———. Performed “Violinmaker’s Lament” by Randolph Peters with the Emerado ensemble at the Envoi Poetry Festival (Winnipeg, MB), May 30, 2015. [CMU]


Perry, Robin K. “Influences of Co-Teaching in Student Teaching on Pre-Service Teachers’ Efficacy.” Doctor of Education. Curriculum and Instruction. University of the Pacific, Stockton, California. Submitted 2015. Advisor: Thomas Nelson. Current position: Assistant Professor of Education, Fresno Pacific University.

Abstract: Teacher education researchers and policy makers recognize field experience, particularly student teaching, as a critical {117} component of pre-service teacher learning and development. The co-teaching model of student teaching, in which cooperating teachers and student teachers jointly plan and deliver instruction, has been adopted by university-based teacher education programs across the United States. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between elements of the co-teaching model of student teaching and teacher efficacy outcomes for student teachers. Research suggests that teacher efficacy (a teacher’s beliefs in his or her capacity to affect student performance) is positively associated with teachers’ behaviors and commitment to teaching as well as student achievement and motivation.

This quantitative study utilized multiple regression statistical analyses to examine the relationship between co-teaching overall and the relationship, communication, classroom applications, and knowledge base elements and teacher efficacy overall and the domains of efficacy in student engagement, efficacy in instructional strategies and efficacy in classroom management. Descriptive statistics indicated that the relationship and communication elements of student teaching were more prevalent than the classroom applications and knowledge base elements. Student teachers in the sample reported higher levels of efficacy in instructional strategies than efficacy in classroom management and efficacy in student engagement. A positive and statistically significant relationship between teacher efficacy overall, efficacy in student engagement, efficacy in instructional strategies, and efficacy in classroom management and the co-teaching model of student teaching, after controlling for gender and credential program, was found. The findings of this study substantiate teacher education policy makers’ support for the co-teaching model of student teaching. Suggestions for teacher education practice are provided. Research in the areas of (1) implementation and outcomes of the co-teaching model of student teaching and (2) sources of pre-service teacher efficacy beliefs remain fertile ground for future inquiries. [FPU]


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