Spring 2019 · Vol. 48 No. 1 · pp. 81–86 

Faculty Publications 2018

Vic Froese


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Johnson, Sarah. “An Examination into Special Education Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Ratings by Certification Status, Certification Type, Age, Gender, Previous Experience in Special Education, and Years Taught.” Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Newberg, OR: George Fox University, 2018. Advisor: Dane Joseph. Current position: Assistant Professor of Special Education, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California.

Abstract. This study explored differences and relationships between pre-service and in-service special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings. These educators taught in California on alternate permits, Provisional Intern Permit (PIP), Short-Term Staff Permit (STSP), Intern Credential, valid Preliminary, and Clear credentials along with type of certification (Mild/Moderate, Moderate/Severe, and Early Childhood Special Education). The differences and relationships were examined across several demographic variables (gender, age, previous experience in special education, and number of years teaching special education). The study participants were employed in one of two large {86} school districts as special education teachers on a PIP/STSP, Intern, Preliminary, or Clear Credential in Central Valley of California.

This study used a quantitative non-experimental correlational survey design. The Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale (TSES) created by Megan Tschannen-Moran and Anita Hoy (2001) was the selected instrument to measure special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings. Independent t-tests and One-way ANOVAs were conducted to determine the difference (if any) between groups. Significant differences were found in special education teachers’ self-efficacy by credential classifications including teachers with Preliminary and Clear credentials and those with substandard permits (PIP/STSP). Significant differences were found in special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings and age between the age categories of 20–29 years and 50–59 years. Significant differences were also found in special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings and years taught in several categories assessed. 

No statistically significant differences were found between special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings and credential type, gender, and previous experience as a substitute or para-educator in special education. This indicates that special education teachers that have persisted in the field longer are valuable assets and more efficacious.

The results of this study added to the limited research on special education teachers’ self-efficacy ratings and certification status, credential type, gender, age, previous experience in special education, and years taught.

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