Spring 2023 · Vol. 52 No. 1 · pp. 81–94 

Faculty Publications 2022

Vic Froese


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Davis, T. Ryan. “Participation in the Pentecostal Liturgy: An Ecclesiology of the Prophethood of All Believers.” Doctor of Philosophy (Theology). University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. Submitted 2021. Advisor: Wolfgang Vondey. Current position: Adjunct, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California.

Abstract. This thesis develops an ecclesiology of participation in Pentecostalism by utilizing the concept of the prophethood of all believers as a theological and hermeneutical device to articulate how the laity can fully take part in the ritual life of the church. {91} Pentecostalism as a liturgically diverse tradition composed of hierarchical and democratic types of churches that reflect both episcopal and non-episcopal ecclesiological models has created ambiguity in how the doctrine of the prophethood of all believers and the egalitarian nature of the church should be understood. Based on a perspective informed by pneumatology and Pentecost, this project provides a means to theologically convey how greater participation can take place in Pentecostal communities of worship through every believer’s empowerment with the Holy Spirit. The idea of the prophethood of all believers is projected onto the dominant rituals of the Pentecostal liturgy through an altar hermeneutic that allows for all members of the worshipping community to have a transformative encounter with God in dynamic fellowship with others. What results is a truly egalitarian view of church that directs entire communities of faith towards participation in Pentecost through the Spirit. Through critical analysis of and constructive theological engagement with the Pentecostal liturgy, the chapters of this thesis contribute to a better understanding of what is meant by “the altar” in the rites of Pentecostal worship.

Edmonds, Keith A. “Examining the Impact of Internal and External Frame of Reference Comparisons in Physical Activity Contexts.” Doctor of Philosophy (Experimental Psychology). University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. Submitted 2022. Advisor: Jason P. Rose. Current position: Adjunct, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California.

Abstract. People often use comparative information to better understand themselves and their standing in the world. Such comparisons influence self-evaluations, impact emotions, and direct future goal pursuit. Prior research has found that comparative information based on external (i.e., social) frames of reference may be particularly influential in the context of health-relevant behavior change. However, few studies have examined the use and impact of internal frames of reference, such as comparing one’s current health to the past (i.e., temporal comparisons) or comparing one health-related domain (e.g., exercise) to a second domain (e.g., diet, i.e., dimensional comparisons). The present research aimed to explore the similarities and differences between internal and external comparisons within physical activity contexts. First, a cross-sectional Pilot Study was conducted to establish that both internal and external frame of reference comparisons were associated with physical activity-related outcomes. Next, to assess the causal impact of such comparisons, we conducted two pre-registered experimental studies {92} ( that utilized between-subjects designs wherein MTurk participants (total N = 533) made either upward or downward social, temporal, or dimensional comparisons about engaging in physical activity-related behaviors. Following our comparison manipulations, participants then reported self-evaluations, affective reactions, and behavioral intentions about physical activity-related behaviors. Study 2 replicated and extended the results of Study 1 using specific rather than general comparison targets (e.g., typical American vs. best friend, 2 years ago vs. 2 months ago, eating a healthy diet vs. endurance). Results across all three studies were consistent with our first overarching hypothesis, which stated that downward (upward) comparisons would result in more (less) favorable self-evaluations. In addition, results partially supported our hypothesis that downward (upward) comparisons would result in more (less) favorable affective reactions (Studies 1 and 2). Of the three studies presented, only the Pilot Study fully supported our hypothesis regarding behavioral intentions. Specifically, results revealed a negative association between comparative judgments and intentions, such that lower comparative judgments (i.e., upward comparisons) were associated with greater intentions, whereas higher comparative judgments (i.e., downward comparisons) were associated with lower intentions. Given that suboptimal adherence to physical activity behaviors has both clinical and public health significance, this research has implications for feasible and low-cost interventions aimed at increasing such behavior.

Gill, Mary Peyton Cauthorn. “The Impact of Mindfulness on Communication With Health Care Providers for Older Adult Quilters.” Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work). Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Submitted 2022. Advisor: Dorothy Scotten. Current position: Assistant Professor of Social Work, Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas.

Abstract. Active aging plays a pivotal role in countering the effects of multimorbidities and enhancing mental and physical well-being of individuals. Prior research supports the benefits of mindfulness, a key component of active aging, in enhancing older adults’ physical and mental health, but the effect of mindfulness on older adults’ communication with medical social workers and other health care providers has not been studied. The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study was to gain a better understanding of how older quiltmakers experienced mindfulness and how this affected their communication with their health care providers. The study, which {93} drew from empowerment theory, included eight women and one man in East Central Kansas who were 65 and older, lived independently, and quilted. The participants engaged in interviews that were transcribed and coded to identify key themes. One of the themes that emerged was connection to others. Although all of the participants reported that quilting enhances communication with others, only half of the respondents perceived that quiltmaking increased communication with their healthcare providers. The other themes that emerged were creating and mental health. Through this research, older adults can gain an understanding of the importance that hobbies or engaging in other interests can potentially provide a means to practice mindfulness and communicate with others. This can possibly improve mental and physical health. This study affirmed the importance of connection with others, productivity, and the feeling of well-being that can be generated through quiltmaking.

Mininger, Vanessa R. “One and Done: An Instrumental Case Study of Administrative Turnover in a Private Christian School.” Doctor of Education. Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Submitted 2022. Advisor: Sarah Smitherman Pratt. Current position: Adjunct, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California.

Abstract. In this instrumental case study, I investigated the factors leading to school administrators’ high attrition rates at a small private Christian school in central California. Across the United States, only 35% of public-school K-12 administrators had been at their school for more than two years as of 2019 (Levin & Bradley, 2019). According to Truss (2019), 25% of public-school administrators leave their position in California each year. However, there have been 14 different administrators in this school’s top three administrative positions in the last ten years, with the average tenure being 14 months. Therefore, this study examines and describes the lived experiences of six of the school’s former administrators, including my own, to determine common themes that led to their departure after a short tenure. I reviewed previous research on factors leading to administrative turnover to demonstrate the need for the study. This research indicated several common factors among public and private school administrators that influence their decisions to leave a school, such as salary, student achievement, years of experience, training, stress, governance systems, and a hidden curriculum. Using an instrumental case study structure, I conducted interviews with five former administrators and documented my own experiences to facilitate an understanding of the factors that led to {94} each administrator leaving the school after a short tenure. Then, using Farley-Ripple et al.’s (2012) push and pull theory and themes discovered through the literature review, I discovered commonalities among the participants’ experiences that pointed to a dysfunctional board structure and general governance practices that pushed away eleven administrators in the last ten years. The study results inform best practices to increase administrative retention at this private Christian institution. Subsequently, the results can serve as a model for private Christian school boards when determining best practices for hiring and retaining administrators and their governance practices. These results point to a need for private Christian school boards to make significant changes in governance structures if they want to stop the current turnover rates of administrators.

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In cases of multiple authors where one author is not from a sponsoring school, the name of the author of interest is set in bold type.