July 1979 · Vol. 8 No. 3 · p. 41 


Karen Neufeld


I have just read the April, 1979, Direction. Although I found the articles timely, perceptive, and well written for pastors and men, the articles virtually ignored woman leadership in the church.

I can only conclude that either:

  1. The slant of the articles was deliberate. The editorial board believes that church leadership is and should be predominantly a male and/or pastoral role. Or,
  2. The editorial board does not wish to exclude women. The board assumes that women will understand the use of the words “he,” “himself,” “him,” and “brother” to include both men and women.

I cannot accept either explanation. The first severely handicaps the church by excluding one half of the leadership gifts of the church. The second leaves women struggling to feel a part of the audience of the article. I am sure that my brothers would sympathize with that struggle if they were expected to feel a part of the audience for an article using exclusively the words “she,” “herself,” “her,” and “sister.”

If my complaint appears self-serving, please forgive me. I desire a strong and dynamic church. I believe that both men and women must exercise leadership gifts to build such a church.

Karen Neufeld
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
Tabor College
Hillsboro, Kansas