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Subject: Environment

Max Terman

29/1 (2000): 38–45

Feature Article

The Environmental Crisis: Thoughts of a Christian Ecologist

Theodore Hiebert

25/2 (1996): 16–25

Feature Article

Rethinking Dominion Theology

Leonard B. Siemens

21/2 (1992): 3–12

Feature Article

Assessing World Resources

Randy Klassen

21/2 (1992): 13–14

Feature Article

A Lament of the Earth

Gordon Zerbe

21/2 (1992): 15–26

Feature Article

Ecology According to the New Testament

Elmer A. Martens

21/2 (1992): 27–36

Feature Article

Forward to the Garden of Eden

Lee Balzer

21/2 (1992): 37–46

Feature Article

Environmental Issues, Salvation History, and Decision Making

Will Friesen

21/2 (1992): 47–53

Feature Article

What Are We Fighting For?

Dave Hubert

21/2 (1992): 54–59

Feature Article

The Environment: What Can Christians Do?

Daryl Kutz

21/2 (1992): 60–64

Feature Article

Recent Christian Thinking on the Environment: A Bibliographical Essay

Spencer Estabrooks

21/2 (1992): 65–67

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