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Subject: Literature and the Arts

Rudy Wiebe

51/1 (2022): 68–81

Feature Article

The Artist as Witness to and Critic of Society

Katie Funk Wiebe

51/1 (2022): 82–93

Feature Article

Christian Journalism for Today

Michael Gilmour

44/2 (2015): 173–182

Feature Article

C. S. Lewis Proposes a Toast: Health to All Animals, Real and Imagined

Vic Froese

42/1 (2013): 92–100

Recommended Reading

Faculty Recommendations

Justin Neufeld

40/1 (2011): 51–64

Feature Article

Faith, Fiction, and Skepticism: Transcendence in Flannery O’Connor, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Albert Camus

Michael J. Gilmour

39/2 (2010): 189–203

Feature Article

The Far Side of Religion: Notes on the Prophet Gary Larson

Randy Klassen

39/2 (2010): 204–219

Feature Article

Monopods, Magic, and Mission: C.S. Lewis’s ‘Spell for Making Hidden Theology Visible’

Brian Froese

39/2 (2010): 220–233

Feature Article

Monsters in the Church: Marking the Body in Evangelical Horror

Sue Sorensen

37/1 (2008): 82–90

Feature Article

Why I No Longer Apologize for Reading With Faith

Rosie Perera

37/1 (2008): 103–110

Feature Article

God’s Design: The Arts as a Way of Being Human, Learning Truth, and Doing Justice

Douglas B. Miller

34/2 (2005): 132


From the Editor: Culture Critique

Loren L. Johns

34/2 (2005): 194–214

Feature Article

Conceiving Violence: The Apocalypse of John and the Left Behind Series

Gordon H. Matties

34/2 (2005): 270–86

Recommended Reading

On Movies as Spiritual Discipline

Judy Harder

34/1 (2005): 93–97

Ministry Compass

Theatre: A Seeing Place

Alison Lentini

28/2 (1999): 166–76

Feature Article

Virtual Transcendence and Homelessness of the Heart: Culture and the Witness of Presence

Sarah Klassen

27/2 (1998): 101–8

Feature Article

Faith, Art, and Reconciliation

Luci Shaw

27/2 (1998): 109–22

Feature Article

Art and Christian Spirituality: Companions in the Way

Jean Janzen

27/2 (1998): 123–31

Feature Article

Why We Are Afraid of Art

Craig Ginn

27/2 (1998): 132–40

Feature Article

Welcoming Artists and Their Gifts

Tony Funk

27/2 (1998): 141–47

Feature Article

In a Multitude of Symbols There Is Reconciling Worship

Rachel Baerg

27/2 (1998): 148–56

Feature Article

Vincent van Gogh: An Eye for God

Paul Friesen

27/2 (1998): 157–64

Feature Article

The Missionary Calling of Flannery O'Connor

Douglas Liechty Caskey

27/2 (1998): 165–76

Feature Article

A Christian and an Artist: Reflections of a Mennonite Theater Professor

Sarah Klassen

27/2 (1998): 193–94

Recommended Reading

On Faith and the Arts

Jean Janzen

24/2 (1995): 10–13

Feature Article

Four Poems

Dora Dueck

24/2 (1995): 14–22

Feature Article

Patricia Beach: A Short Story

Wilfred Martens

24/2 (1995): 47–54

Feature Article

The Gold behind the Paper Currency: Literature and the Christian College

Larry Warkentin

16/2 (1987): 11–15

Feature Article

A Theology of the Avant Garde

Esther Wiens

16/1 (1987): 63–67

Feature Article

The Uses of Drama

Richard Epp

8/1 (1979): 3–8

Feature Article

The Role of Literature in Christian Higher Education

Wilfred Martens

8/1 (1979): 15

Feature Article

Poetry and Prose

Herbert Giesbrecht

8/1 (1979): 27–33

Feature Article

Obscenity in Literature and Art

Larry Warkentin

5/4 (1976): 3–11

Feature Article

Confessions of a Church Musician

Herbert Giesbrecht

2/4 (1973): 150–52

Feature Article

A Giant in the Land: Recent Literature on C. S. Lewis

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