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Subject: Marriage and the Family

Cheryl Dueck Smith

52/1 (2023): 5–20

Feature Article

Clergy Care, Couples, and COVID-19: Fostering Resilience

Irma Fast Dueck

45/2 (2016): 180–191

Feature Article

Without Rings or Strings: Engaging Cohabitation in the Church

Sam Owusu

36/2 (2007): 192–205

Feature Article

Towards a Theology of Marriage and Polygamy

Katrina Poetker

24/1 (1995): 14–23

Feature Article

Domestic Domains in the Gospel of Mark

Faith Wiebe

24/1 (1995): 24–27

Feature Article

Mark’s Domestic Domains

Allen R. Guenther

24/1 (1995): 41–53

Feature Article

Interpreting the Silences (Deut. 24:1-4)

Harold J. Dyck

24/1 (1995): 54–56

Feature Article

Respecting the Silences

Dennis B. Guernsey

19/1 (1990): 3–11

Feature Article

Family Ministry and a Theology of the Family: A Personal Journey

Al Dueck

Delores Friesen

19/1 (1990): 12–28

Feature Article

The Changing Family in Today’s World

John E. Toews

19/1 (1990): 29–38

Feature Article

Paul’s Radical Vision for the Family

John D. Friesen

19/1 (1990): 39–48

Feature Article

Rituals and Family Strength

Ayde Janzen

Stan Janzen

19/1 (1990): 49–51

Feature Article

The Ways of Passion and Peace Do Not Often Fit Together Perfectly [Vignettes of a transcultural marriage]

Hugo Zorrilla

Norma Zorrilla

19/1 (1990): 52–56

Feature Article

Marriage: A Path That Is Made by Walking [Vignettes of a transcultural marriage]

Pushpangadan Pappu

Arja Pappu

19/1 (1990): 57–58

Feature Article

No Regrets [Vignettes of a transcultural marriage]

Delores Friesen

19/1 (1990): 59–68

Feature Article

Sexuality Issues in Family and Congregation

Allen R. Guenther

19/1 (1990): 81–98

Feature Article

On Making and Breaking Covenants

Larry Martens

19/1 (1990): 99–102

Recommended Reading

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Kathy Gray

19/1 (1990): 103–5

Recommended Reading

Couple Communication

Vange Willms Thiessen

19/1 (1990): 106–8

Recommended Reading


Ron Penner

19/1 (1990): 109–14

Recommended Reading

The Family Life Cycle and Family Ministry

Erika Voth

19/1 (1990): 115–18

Recommended Reading

Intimacy in Marriage

Diane Payette-Bucci

17/2 (1988): 26–41

Feature Article

Voluntary Childlessness

Dean Kliewer

15/1 (1986): 52–58

Feature Article

Sexual Passages and the Christian Family

Irene Loewen

15/1 (1986): 60–72

Feature Article

Child Sexual Abuse in the Church

John Regehr

10/4 (1981): 26–31

Feature Article

Parenthood Is a Noble Calling Too

Howard J. Loewen

9/3 (1980): 3–10

Feature Article

Covenant Love: Theological Reflections on Marriage and the Family

Hedy L. Martens

5/1 (1976): 11–26

Feature Article

God's Word: To Women as to Men

Alan Peters

1/3 (1972): 74–81

Feature Article

The Impact of the Family in Mennonite History: Some Preliminary Observations

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