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Subject: Ordinances

Michelle Ferguson

36/2 (2007): 247–57

Feature Article

Anabaptist Liturgy: Sacramental Theology

Andrew Klager

35/2 (2006): 268–78

Feature Article

Passive Sacramentalism and Ontological Soteriology in Hans Denck and Gregory of Nyssa

Gay Lynn Voth

34/1 (2005): 3–14

Feature Article

Anabaptist Liturgical Spirituality and the Supper of Christ

Garry Schmidt

34/1 (2005): 29–42

Feature Article

Early Anabaptist Spirituality: History and Response

Douglas B. Miller

33/1 (2004): 2


From the Editor: Baptism and Church Membership

Jon Isaak

33/1 (2004): 3–20

Feature Article

Baptism Among the Early Christians

Lynn Jost

33/1 (2004): 21–32

Feature Article

Mennonite Brethren Theology of Baptism

Walter Unger

33/1 (2004): 33–47

Feature Article

The Church “Without Spot or Wrinkle”: Testing the Tradition

David Falk

33/1 (2004): 48–59

Feature Article

Baptism and Membership: An Alternative Perspective

Ken Peters

33/1 (2004): 60–69

Feature Article

Summary Report on the Baptism and Membership Study Conference

Michele Hershberger

31/2 (2002): 135–47

Feature Article

The Baptism Ritual in a Postmodern World

Laura Kalmar

31/2 (2002): 148–58

Feature Article

Children and Baptism in the Mennonite Brethren Church

David Esau

31/2 (2002): 159–67

Feature Article

Dry Times for Believer’s Baptism?

Sharon Johnson

31/2 (2002): 168–75

Feature Article

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Chuck Goertz

26/2 (1997): 85–89

Ministry Compass

Celebrating the Lord's Table

Hugo Zorrilla

24/1 (1995): 74–84

Feature Article

A Service of Sacrificial Love: Footwashing (John 13:1-11)

Laura J. Schmidt

24/1 (1995): 85–87

Feature Article

Getting Our Feet Wet

Dave Wiebe

22/1 (1993): 33–50

Feature Article

Toward a Theology of Children

Erwin Penner

John Wall

18/2 (1989): 33–43

Feature Article

The Lord’s Supper and the Church

Paulette Taylor-Wingender

17/2 (1988): 18–25

Feature Article

Kids of the Kingdom: A Study of Matthew 18:1-5 and Its Context

Raymond O. Bystrom

15/2 (1986): 9–20

Feature Article

A Converted and Baptized People

Mennonite Brethren
General Conference

14/1 (1985): 4–5

Feature Article

The Waters That Divide: Conference Resolutions on Re-baptism

Abram G. Konrad

14/1 (1985): 6–9

Feature Article

Baptism: Method or Meaning?

Devon H. Wiens

14/1 (1985): 10–13

Feature Article

The Biblical Significance of Baptism by Immersion

Delbert L. Wiens

14/1 (1985): 14–25

Feature Article

Immersion and the Mennonite Brethren Identity Crisis

Wally Kroeker

12/3 (1983): 29–38

Feature Article

The Element of Unity in the Anabaptist Practice of the Lord's Supper

Albert W. Wardin Jr.

8/4 (1979): 33–38

Feature Article

Baptist Influences on Mennonite Brethren with an Emphasis on the Practice of Immersion

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