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Subject: Politics/State and Church

Abraham Friesen

47/1 (2018): 17–30

Feature Article

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

John H. Redekop

46/2 (2017): 206–217

Feature Article

A Professor’s Pilgrimage

James Urry

46/1 (2017): 10–25

Feature Article

The Mennonite Brethren Church and Russia’s Great Reform in the 1870s

Andrey Ivanov

46/1 (2017): 69–80

Feature Article

Stolypin and the Mennonites

Anthony G. Siegrist

44/2 (2015): 208–212

Feature Article

A. James Reimer: Mennonite Theologian of the Public Good

Paul Doerksen

38/1 (2009): 2–4


From the Editor: Toward Anabaptist Political Theology

John E. Toews

38/1 (2009): 5–16

Feature Article

The Politics of Confession

Janis Thiessen

38/1 (2009): 17–28

Feature Article

Communism and Labor Unions: The Changing Perspectives of Mennonites in Canada and the United States

A. James Reimer

38/1 (2009): 29–44

Feature Article

An Anabaptist-Mennonite Political Theology: Theological Presuppositions

Jodie Boyer Hatlem

Douglas Johnson Hatlem

38/1 (2009): 45–57

Feature Article

Exousiology and Torah: A Suggestion for Mennonite Political Theology with Reference to the Reimer-Yoder Divide

Travis P. Kroeker

38/1 (2009): 58–66

Feature Article

Messianic Political Theology: Yoder contra Redekop

John H. Redekop

38/1 (2009): 67–78

Feature Article

A Response to P. Travis Kroeker’s ‘Messianic Political Theology: Yoder contra Redekop’

Paul Doerksen

38/1 (2009): 105–106

Recommended Reading

Political Theology: A Selected Bibliography

Richard Kyle

36/1 (2007): 31–42

Feature Article

The Bedrock Beliefs of the Christian Right

Richard Kyle

36/1 (2007): 99–102

Recommended Reading

On Evangelicalism

Douglas B. Miller

35/1 (2006): 2


From the Editor: Old Testament Scholarship in Honor of Allen Guenther

Lynn Jost

35/1 (2006): 70–81

Feature Article

Psalm 33, America, and Empire

Hironori Minamino

34/2 (2005): 159–69

Feature Article

Genesis 1 as Critique of Japanese Culture

Landon Fulmer

33/1 (2004): 85–101

Feature Article

American Mennonites and Nonviolence

Jon Isaak

32/1 (2003): 32–46

Feature Article

The Christian Community and Political Responsibility: Romans 13:1-7

John H. Redekop

23/2 (1994): 63–76

Feature Article

The Politics of the Mennonite Central Committee

Ronald J. R. Mathies

23/2 (1994): 77–87

Feature Article

Witness and Struggle or Politics and Power: MCC Engages the World

Matthew G. Neufeld

23/2 (1994): 90–97

Feature Article

Submission to Governing Authorities: A Study of Romans 13:1-7

Joby Dupuis

15/1 (1986): 15–21

Feature Article

Understanding the Adversary System: Available Alternatives for Dispute Resolution

Duane Heffelbower

15/1 (1986): 23–30

Feature Article

The Christian and Civil Disobedience

John Konrad

15/1 (1986): 32–39

Feature Article

Justice and the Modern Penal System

V. George Shillington

15/1 (1986): 40–50

Feature Article

People of God in the Courts of the World: A Study of 1 Corinthians 6:1-11

Mennonite Brethren
General Conference

14/1 (1985): 26

Feature Article

We Recommend: Conference Resolutions Regarding Political Involvement

Richard Kyle

14/1 (1985): 27–33

Feature Article

Anabaptist and Reformed Attitudes Toward Civil Government: A Factor in Political Involvement

John H. Redekop

14/1 (1985): 34–41

Feature Article

The Christian in Politics: Some Basic Problems

Harvey Wollman

14/1 (1985): 42–43

Feature Article

Religion and Politics Do Mix

Harold J. Dyck

14/1 (1985): 44–50

Feature Article

The Christian and the Authorities: Romans 13:1-7

John Fast

14/1 (1985): 51–57

Feature Article

Political Theology or Theological Politics? An Analysis of the Institute for Religion and Democracy

Wally Kroeker

13/1–2 (1984): 3–15

Feature Article

The Deadly Race

Richard Kyle

13/1–2 (1984): 33–43

Feature Article

The Concept and Practice of Separation from the World in Mennonite Brethren History

Judith Dick

12/2 (1983): 34–39

Feature Article

The Morals Maze: Religious and Moral Education in the Public School System

Kerwin Thiessen

11/4 (1982): 24–27

Feature Article

Forum: Should Creationism Be Taught in Public Schools? Yes!

John Carlson

11/4 (1982): 28–31

Feature Article

Forum: Should Creationism Be Taught in Public Schools? No!

Gerald D. Ediger

11/4 (1982): 32–37

Feature Article

The Flourishing of Conscience: Religious Accommodation in the Public Schools

Abe J. Dueck

10/3 (1981): 30–47

Feature Article

Church and State: Developments Among Mennonite Brethren in Canada Since World War II

Henry G. Krahn

7/3 (1978): 20–31

Feature Article

The Silent Church in the Midst of Radical Change in China

L. W. Lockett

7/1 (1978): 11–17

Feature Article

Bridging Social Walls

Paul Toews

5/3 (1976): 3–9

Feature Article

America's National Faith and the Bicentennial

John H. Redekop

5/3 (1976): 10–14

Feature Article

Civil Religion in Canada

Ben C. Ollenburger

5/3 (1976): 15–21

Feature Article

Mennonites, “Civil Religion,” and the American Bicentennial: An Interview with James Juhnke

Richard S. Unruh

5/3 (1976): 22–26

Feature Article

Classical Patterns of Church-State Relations

John Regehr

5/3 (1976): 30–33

Hearing the Word

Jesus and the State

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