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Subject: Science and Religion

Adam A. Ghali

52/1 (2023): 55–68

Feature Article

The Pandemic Reveals that We Are Nature

Vic Froese

44/2 (2015): 183–199

Feature Article

Heaven is for Real: A Charitable Reading

Ken Esau

43/1 (2014): 4–19

Feature Article

What Time Is It? Interpreting Genesis 1–3

Paul Cumin

43/1 (2014): 20–37

Feature Article

Original Spin: Jesus and Human Origins

Mark D. Wessner

43/1 (2014): 38–48

Feature Article

Genesis and Human Origins: What Makes a Human ‘Human’ and Why Does it Matter?

Candice Viddal

43/1 (2014): 65–75

Feature Article

Reflections on Genesis and Physics

Justin Neufeld

43/1 (2014): 76–98

Feature Article

The Face of Christ in the Face of Nature: A Conversation with Jean Vanier, Socrates, James Cone, and Charles Darwin

Randy Klassen

43/1 (2014): 99–104

Ministry Compass

Teaching Genesis to Young Adults

Vic Froese

43/1 (2014): 105–117

Recommended Reading

Creation and Human Origins: A Select Classified Bibliography

Michael Kunz

40/1 (2011): 17–27

Feature Article

The Challenge of Richard Dawkins: Answering an Intellectually Fulfilled Atheist

John L. Brubacher

40/1 (2011): 28–39

Feature Article

Seeing More Clearly in a Blurry Landscape: Acknowledging Ambiguity in Science

Terry G. Hiebert

37/2 (2008): 185–200

Feature Article

Is the Search for the Anabaptist Soul a Dead End? Historic Anabaptism Meets Nancey Murphy’s Nonreductive Physicalism

Delmar B. Epp

37/2 (2008): 201–14

Feature Article

I’m a Soul, Man: One Psychologist’s Reflection on Human Nature

Wendy J. Miller

37/2 (2008): 215–22

Feature Article

Nancey Murphy’s Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? A Review Essay

Eloise Hiebert Meneses

36/2 (2007): 129–43

Feature Article

Faithful Witness: Postcritical Epistemology for Christians

Del Ratzsch

29/1 (2000): 4–15

Feature Article

Speaking, in Love, the Truth About Creation

Conrad Hyers

29/1 (2000): 16–26

Feature Article

Comparing Biblical and Scientific Maps of Origins

Hugh Siefken

29/1 (2000): 27–37

Feature Article

Divine Stardust

Max Terman

29/1 (2000): 38–45

Feature Article

The Environmental Crisis: Thoughts of a Christian Ecologist

Michael Kunz

29/1 (2000): 46–53

Feature Article

Sociobiology, Anabaptism, and the “Problem” of Altruism

Marlin E. Thomas

12/1 (1983): 39–41

Reader Response


Randall Basinger

11/4 (1982): 3–8

Feature Article

Science vs. Religion: Handling Conflicts

Harold J. Dyck

11/4 (1982): 9–16

Feature Article

Interpreting Genesis 1,2: Exploring the Alternatives

Gaylen Neufeld

11/4 (1982): 17–23

Feature Article

Evolution or God: Is It Either-Or?

Kerwin Thiessen

11/4 (1982): 24–27

Feature Article

Forum: Should Creationism Be Taught in Public Schools? Yes!

John Carlson

11/4 (1982): 28–31

Feature Article

Forum: Should Creationism Be Taught in Public Schools? No!

Scott Chesebro

7/1 (1978): 18–25

Feature Article

Integrating the Social Sciences and the Church: A Critique

Dave Pauls

6/4 (1977): 22–28

Feature Article

Ethics and the New Biology

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