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Subject: Sexuality

Vic Froese

45/2 (2016): 120–121


From the Editor: Sex and Faith

Andrew Dyck

Ingrid Reichard

45/2 (2016): 122–135

Feature Article

God, Sex, and Church: Why?

Laura Schmidt Roberts

45/2 (2016): 136–148

Feature Article

Toward a Theological Anthropology: A Study of Genesis 1–3

Gil Dueck

45/2 (2016): 149–156

Feature Article

Reuniting Relationship and Vocation: Reflection on the Divine Image

Paul Cumin

45/2 (2016): 157–179

Feature Article

Sex After Church: Sexuality via Christology, Revelation, and Ecclesiology

Irma Fast Dueck

45/2 (2016): 180–191

Feature Article

Without Rings or Strings: Engaging Cohabitation in the Church

Carol Penner

45/2 (2016): 192–208

Feature Article

Violence Against Women in the Mennonite Brethren Church: Abuse Policies are Not Enough

Vic Froese

45/2 (2016): 209–216

Ministry Compass

Compassionate but not Affirming: Interview with John Neufeld

Vic Froese

45/2 (2016): 217–223

Recommended Reading

Faith and Homosexuality: A Short Bibliography

Jon Isaak

35/2 (2006): 222–34

Feature Article

The Biblical Witness/Invitation to an Alternative World: A Reading Strategy for the Journey

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