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Review Book

Adrian, Marlin

19/2 (1990): 125

Peter J. Klassen

A Homeland for Strangers: An Introduction to Mennonites in Poland and Prussia

Adrian, Marlin

18/2 (1989): 119–20

Jon Bonk

The World at War, the Church at Peace: A Biblical Perspective

Adrian, Marlin

18/1 (1989): 86–88

Theron F. Schlabach

Peace, Faith, Nation: Mennonites and Amish in Nineteenth-Century America

Adrian, Marlin

16/1 (1987): 83–84

Richard K. MacMaster

Land, Piety, Peoplehood: The Establishment of Mennonite Communities in America, 1683-1790

Adrian, Marlin

8/4 (1979): 39–40

Werner O. Packull

Mysticism and the Early South German-Austrian Anabaptist Movement, 1525-1531

Alden, Robert L.

22/2 (1993): 103–4

ed. B. C. Ollenburger, Elmer A. Martens, and G. F. Hasel

The Flowering of Old Testament Theology

Alexis-Baker, Andy

39/2 (2010): 293–294

Richard Bourne

Seek the Peace of the City: Christian Political Criticism as Public, Realist, and Transformative

Alexis-Baker, Andy

38/2 (2009): 269–271

Paul Redekop

Changing Paradigms: Punishment and Restorative Discipline

Anderson, Dale R.

25/1 (1996): 63–64

Alvin C. Dueck

Between Jerusalem and Athens: Ethical Perspectives on Culture, Religion, and Psychotherapy

Anthony, Bruce

33/1 (2004): 119–121

Arthur F. Holmes

Building the Christian Academy

Armstrong, Kurt

51/1 (2022): 126–128

Jamie Howison

A Kind of Solitude: How Pacing the Cage with an Icon and The Book of Common Prayer Restored My Soul

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Review Book

Baerg, Rueben

23/2 (1994): 131–32

D. Edmond Hiebert

First and Second Thessalonians

Baerg, Rueben

21/2 (1992): 79–81

D. Edmond Hiebert

The Epistles of John: An Expositional Commentary

Bailey, Wilma Ann

30/1 (2001): 109–10

ed. Ted Grimsrud and Loren L. Johns

Peace and Justice Shall Embrace: Power and Theopolitics in the Bible

Baker, Mark D.

37/1 (2008): 149–50

John Rowell

To Give or Not to Give? Rethinking Dependency, Restoring Generosity, and Redefining Sustainability

Baker, Mark D.

David Gray

32/1 (2003): 131–32

John Howard Yoder

Preface to Theology: Christology and Theological Method

Bakker, Henk

48/1 (2019): 74–78

Oliver O’Donovan

Entering into Rest

Bakker, Henk

48/1 (2019): 74–78

Oliver O’Donovan

Self, World, and Time

Bakker, Henk

48/1 (2019): 74–78

Oliver O’Donovan

Finding and Seeking

Batten, Alicia J.

45/2 (2016): 229–231

Willard M. Swartley


Beaman, Jay

24/2 (1995): 102–4

Stan D. Gaede

When Tolerance Is No Virtue: Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and the Future of Truth and Justice

Bechtel, Trevor

45/2 (2016): 239–241

Tripp York

The End of Captivity? A Primate’s Reflections on Zoos, Conservation, and Christian Ethics

Becker, Lynford J.

18/1 (1989): 89–90

Anna Hiebert Esau

What God Has Done: The Story of the Latin American Mennonite Brethren Conference

Bellinger, Charles K.

39/2 (2010): 302–303

Jean-Michel Oughourlian

The Genesis of Desire

Bergen, Abe

40/1 (2011): 119–121

Gareth Brandt

Under Construction: Reframing Men’s Spirituality

Bergen, Jeremy M.

48/2 (2019): 201–203

ed. Susan Durber and Fernando Enns

Walking Together: Theological Reflections on the Ecumenical Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

Bergen, Jeremy M.

39/2 (2010): 295–296

Tripp York

Living on Hope While Living in Babylon: The Christian Anarchists of the Twentieth Century

Blough, Neal

40/1 (2011): 108–110

ed. Abe Dueck, Helmut Harder, and Karl Koop

New Perspectives in Believers Church Ecclesiology

Boldt, Janet E.

34/2 (2005): 297–98

Rodney Clapp

Tortured Wonders: Christian Spirituality for People, Not Angels

Born, J. Bryan

46/1 (2017): 107–109

ed. Victor Wiens

The Church in Mission: Perspectives of Global Mennonite Brethren on Mission in the 21st Century

Brandt, Di

43/1 (2014): 122–127

ed. Rachel Epp Buller and Kerry Fast

Mothering Mennonite

Brandt, Gareth

41/2 (2012): 315–317

Gordon Houser

Present Tense: A Mennonite Spirituality

Brubacher, John

43/1 (2014): 118–122

Peter Enns

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins

Brueggemann, Walter

42/1 (2013): 101–103

Gordon H. Matties


Buehler, Herman G.

18/2 (1989): 115–17

ed. Hans Kasdorf and Klaus W. Müller

Reflection and Projection: Missiology at the Threshold of 2001

Bush, Perry

26/2 (1997): 96–98

Paul Toews

Mennonites in American Society, 1930-1970: Modernity and the Persistence of Religious Community

Bystrom, Raymond O.

22/1 (1993): 94–95

David Ewert

Proclaim Salvation: Preaching the Church Year

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Review Book

Camp, Greg A.

31/1 (2002): 112–13

Ted Grimsrud

God’s Healing Strategy

Chow, David

46/1 (2017): 115–116

Matthew Todd

English Ministry Crisis in Chinese Canadian Churches—Towards the Retention of English Speaking Adults from Chinese Canadian Churches through Associated Parallel Independent English Congregational Models

Clark, Stanley A.

19/1 (1990): 132–33

Calvin W. Redekop

Mennonite Society

Cleland, Jonathan N.

51/2 (2022): 218–219

Insung Jeon

Dirk Philips, A Sixteenth-Century Dutch Anabaptist: His Doctrine of the Visible Church and Its Influence on His Theological System

Cleland, Jonathan N.

50/2 (2021): 235–237

Khaled Anatolios

Deification through the Cross: An Eastern Christian Theology of Salvation

Cleland, Jonathan N.

49/1 (2020): 95–96

William Lane Craig

The Atonement

Clements, Chris

52/1 (2023): 71–73

Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky

Emerging Gender Identities: Understanding the Diverse Experiences of Today’s Youth

Coles, Romand

47/2 (2018): 281–284

Joseph R. Wiebe

The Place of Imagination: Wendell Berry and the Poetics of Community, Affection, and Identity

Cooper, Brian

50/1 (2021): 114–116

Ronald J. Sider

If Jesus is Lord: Loving Our Enemies in an Age of Violence

Cooper, Brian

45/2 (2016): 234–236

ed. Malcolm B. Yarnell III

The Anabaptists and Contemporary Baptists: Restoring New Testament Christianity

Cooper, Brian

44/1 (2015): 104–105

Paul Cumin

Christ at the Crux: The Mediation of God and Creation in Christological Perspective

Cooper, Brian

40/1 (2011): 110–112

Stuart Murray

The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith

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Review Book

Derksen, John

34/1 (2005): 109–10

ed. Fernando Enns, et al.

Seeking Cultures of Peace

Derksen, John

31/2 (2002): 233–34

Lee Griffith

The War on Terrorism and the Terror of God

Derksen, Kevin

40/1 (2011): 116–118

ed. Peter Dula and Chris K. Huebner

The New Yoder

Derksen, Lisa

38/1 (2009): 118–120

Mark Yaconelli

Downtime: Helping Teenagers Pray

Dirks, George

36/2 (2007): 283–84

Christopher J. H. Wright

Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament

Dirks, George

29/1 (2000): 81–82

Scott B. Rae and Paul M. Cox

Bioethics: A Christian Approach in a Pluralistic Age

Dochuk, Darren

45/2 (2016): 231–234

Brian Froese

California Mennonites

Doerksen, Dan

49/1 (2020): 99–100

Bruce L. Guenther

The Ältester—Herman D. W. Friesen, A Mennonite Leader in Changing Times

Doerksen, Mark

40/1 (2011): 121–122

ed. Anne Krabill Herschberger

Sexuality: God’s Gift

Doerksen, Paul

50/2 (2021): 233–235

Mary Zournazi and Rowan Williams

Justice and Love: A Philosophical Dialogue

Doerksen, Paul

48/1 (2019): 67–69

ed. C. Arnold Snyder

Later Writings of the Swiss Anabaptists 1529–1592

Doerksen, Paul

46/1 (2017): 111–113

Jason Reimer Greig

Reconsidering Intellectual Disability: L’Arche, Medical Ethics, and Christian Friendship

Doerksen, Paul

45/2 (2016): 224–226

Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry, Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community: Eight Essays

Doerksen, Paul

38/1 (2009): 110–12

Chris K. Huebner

A Precarious Peace: Yoderian Explorations on Theology, Knowledge, and Identity

Driedger, David

42/2 (2013): 271–273

ed. Tripp York and Justin Bronson Barringer

A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Nonviolence

Dueck, Abe

40/1 (2011): 112–114

Theron F. Schlabach

War, Peace and Social Conscience: Guy F. Hershberger and Mennonite Ethics

Dueck, Abe J.

25/1 (1996): 65–66

Abraham Friesen

History and Renewal in the Anabaptist/Mennonite Tradition

Dueck, Abe J.

20/1 (1991): 119–21

James Urry

None But Saints: The Transformation of Mennonite Life in Russia, 1789-1889

Dueck, Abe J.

7/3 (1978): 44–46

ed. J. R. Burkholder and Calvin W. Redekop

Kingdom, Cross and Community

Dueck, Abe J.

3/1 (1974): 189

Donald E. Demaray

Pulpit Giants: What Made Them Great

Dueck, Abe J.

3/1 (1974): 183–84

Kenneth Hamilton

To Turn from Idols

Dueck, Abe J.

2/4 (1973): 160

Ernest R. Sandeen

The Roots of Fundamentalism: British and American Millenarianism 1800-1930

Dueck, Abe J.

2/2 (1973): 60–61

James Edwin Orr

The Flaming Tongue: The Impact of 20th Century Revivals

Dueck, Abe J.

2/1 (1973): 28–29

ed. A. J. Klassen

Consultation on Anabaptist-Mennonite Theology: Papers Read at the 1969 Aspen Conference

Dueck, Abe J.

1/3 (1972): 102–3

Martin H. Scharlemann

The Ethics of Revolution

Dueck, Dora

51/2 (2022): 206–208

E. J. Wiens

To Antoine

Dueck, Dora

43/2 (2014): 266–268

Robert Zacharias

Rewriting the Break Event: Mennonites and Migration in Canadian Literature

Dueck, Gil

45/2 (2016): 233–239

ed. Harry J. Huebner and Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen

On Being Human: Essays from the Fifth Shi’i Muslim Mennonite Christian Dialogue

Dueck, Gil

36/2 (2007): 277–79

N. T. Wright

Evil and the Justice of God

Dueck, Irma Fast

46/1 (2017): 113–114

Douglas B. Miller

Getting a Life: Living Your Call

Dueck, Ryan

49/1 (2020): 90–92

Eric A. Seibert

Disarming the Church: Why Christians Must Forsake Violence to Follow Jesus and Change the World

Dueck, Ryan

41/1 (2012): 188–190

Alan Soffin

Rethinking Religion: Beyond Scientism, Theism, and Philosophic Doubt

Dueck, Ryan

38/1 (2009): 107–10

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World

Dula, Peter

44/1 (2015): 106–108

Jeff Gundy

Songs from an Empty Cage: Poetry, Mystery, Anabaptism, and Peace

Dunn, Larry A.

37/1 (2008): 143–45

John L. Ruth

Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School

Dunn, Larry A.

37/1 (2008): 143–45

Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, and David L. Weaver-Zercher

Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

Dunn, Larry A.

33/2 (2004): 212–213

ed. Kenneth R. Chase and Alan Jacobs

Must Christianity Be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice, and Theology

Dunn, Larry A.

31/1 (2002): 117–20

Cynthia Sampson and J. P. Lederach

From the Ground Up: Mennonite Contributions to International Peacebuilding

Dunnington, Kent

35/2 (2006): 319–20

J. Budziszewski

Evangelicals in the Public Square

Dunnington, Kent

32/2 (2003): 241–243

Stanley Hauerwas

With the Grain of the Universe

Dyck, Andrew

50/2 (2021): 224–226

Elmer John Thiessen

The Scandal of Evangelism: A Biblical Study of the Ethics of Evangelism

Dyck, Andrew

47/2 (2018): 278–281

Brian Stanley

The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism: The Age of Billy Graham and John Stott

Dyck, Andrew

44/2 (2015): 221–224

Johann E. Pritzkau

German Baptists in South Russia

Dyck, Harold J.

18/2 (1989): 117–19

ed. A. J. Dueck, H. J. Giesbrecht, and V. G. Shillington

The Bible and the Church

Dyck, Kelvin

24/1 (1995): 117–18

W. Randolph Tate

Biblical Interpretation: An Integrated Approach

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Review Book

Ediger, Gerald C.

34/1 (2005): 107–9

ed. Erick Sawatzky

The Heart of the Matter

Ediger, Gerald C.

31/2 (2002): 234–35

Calvin W. Redekop

The Pax Story: Service in the Name of Christ, 1951-1976

Elias, Jacob W.

30/2 (2001): 217–18

David Ewert

How to Understand the Bible

Enns-Rempel, Kevin

16/2 (1987): 77–78

Bert Friesen

Where We Stand: An Index to Statements by Mennonite and Brethren in Christ in Canada, 1787-1982

Enns, Fernando

41/2 (2012): 307–309

Jeremy M. Bergen

Ecclesial Repentance: The Churches Confront Their Sinful Pasts

Enns, Robert

18/2 (1989): 114–15

Katie Funk Wiebe

Bless Me Too, My Father

Entz, Bruce

24/2 (1995): 107–8

Hugo Zorrilla

Saint John of the Cross: From Anabaptist Spirituality

Entz, Bruce

20/1 (1991): 121–22

James C. Juhnke

Vision, Doctrine, War: Mennonite Identity and Organization in America, 1890-1930

Entz, Gary R.

29/2 (2000): 195–96

Sharon Hartin Iorio

Faith's Harvest: Mennonite Identity in Northwest Oklahoma

Entz, Gary R.

26/2 (1997): 92–93

Marvin E. Kroeker

Comanches and Mennonites on the Oklahoma Plains: A. J. and Magdalena Becker and the Post Oak Mission

Epp-Koop, Stefan

41/1 (2012): 194–196

ed. Alain Epp Weaver

A Table of Sharing: Mennonite Central Committee and the Expanding Networks of Mennonite Identity

Epp-Tiessen, Dan

47/2 (2018): 272–273

Perry B. Yoder


Epp-Tiessen, Dan

36/2 (2007): 280–81

Raymond O. Bystrom

Preaching Biblical Sermons: Three Contemporary Strategies

Epp-Tiessen, Dan

33/2 (2004): 213–215

Willard M. Swartley

Homosexuality: Biblical Interpretation and Moral Discernment

Epp, Marlene

43/1 (2014): 127–128

Maureen S. Klassen

It Happened in Moscow: A Memoir of Discovery

Esau, Ken

49/2 (2020): 202–205

Peter Enns

How the Bible Actually Works: In Which I Explain How an Ancient, Ambiguous, and Diverse Book Leads Us to Wisdom Rather Than Answers—and Why That’s Great News

Esau, Ken

48/2 (2019): 187–189

August H. Konkel

1 & 2 Chronicles

Esau, Ken

40/2 (2011): 248–249

Paul Copan

Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God

Esau, Ken

18/1 (1989): 83–85

Eugene F. Roop


Ewert, David

28/1 (1999): 129–30

Richard Kyle

The Last Days Are Here Again: A History of the End Times

Ewert, David

12/1 (1983): 36–37

Leon Morris

Testaments of Love: A Study of Love in the Bible

Ewert, David

12/1 (1983): 34–35

I. Howard Marshall

Last Supper and Lord's Supper

Ewert, David

12/1 (1983): 35–36

Thomas A. Smail

The Forgotten Father

Ewert, David

10/2 (1981): 39

F. F. Bruce

In Retrospect: Remembrance of Things Past

Ewert, David

10/2 (1981): 38

trans. and ed. Vernard Eller

Thy Kingdom Come: A Blumhardt Reader

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 37

A. K. Wiens and Gertrude Wiens, ed. Laurene Peters

Shadowed by the Great Wall

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 38

|ed. Wiebe, Katie Funk

Women Among the Brethren

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36–37

Anna Reimer Dick, trans. and ed. Peter Klassen

Anna: From the Caucusus to Canada

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36

Elizabeth Klassen

Trailblazer for the Brethren

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 38

Esther Horch

C. N. Hiebert Was My Father

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 38

John B. Toews

With Courage to Spare

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 38

Ruth Klaasen

How Green Is My Mountain

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36

David Ewert

Stalwart for the Truth

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 37

Gerhard P. Schroeder

Miracles of Grace and Judgement

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 37

H. P. Trans. Reuben H. Baerg Isaak

Our Life Story and Escape

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36

J. A. Froese

Witness Extraordinary

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36

Cornelius Wall

As We Remember

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 36

Katie Funk Wiebe

Have Cart, Will Travel

Ewert, David

9/3 (1980): 37

Margaret Epp

8 Tulpengasse

Ewert, David

6/2 (1977): 39–40

Harold Lindsell

The Battle for the Bible

Ewert, David

1/1 (1972): 36–37

D. Edmond Hiebert

The Thessalonian Epistles

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Review Book

Faber, David

43/1 (2014): 136–137

Jeph Holloway

The Poetics of Grace: Christian Ethics as Theodicy

Faber, David S.

31/1 (2002): 110–12

Duane K. Friesen

Artists, Citizens, Philosophers

Faber, David S.

29/1 (2000): 84–86

William A. Dembski

Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology

Faber, David S.

26/2 (1997): 93–94

Jay W. Marshall

The Ten Commandments and Christian Community

Falk, David

19/2 (1990): 124

D. Edmond Hiebert

Second Peter and Jude: An Expositional Commentary

Fast, John

10/1 (1981): 37

Richard J. Foster

Celebration of Discipline: The Paths to Spiritual Growth

French, Edgar

42/1 (2013): 109–111

Elmer John Thiessen

The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion

Frick, Peter

44/2 (2015): 232–235

Mark Thiessen Nation, Anthony G. Siegrist, and Daniel P. Umbel

Bonhoeffer the Assassin? Challenging the Myth, Recovering His Call to Peacemaking

Friesen, Abraham

27/1 (1998): 87–88

ed. C. Arnold Snyder and Linda A. Huebert Hecht

Profiles of Anabaptist Women: Sixteenth-Century Reforming Pioneers

Friesen, Abraham

7/3 (1978): 42–44

ed. Paul Toews

Pilgrims and Strangers: Essays in Mennonite Brethren History

Friesen, Duane K.

36/1 (2007): 103–4

ed. Ray Gingerich and Ted Grimsrud

Transforming the Powers: Peace, Justice, and the Domination System

Friesen, Duane K.

33/2 (2004): 215–217

Mary H. Schertz and Ivan Friesen

Beautiful upon the Mountains: Biblical Essays on Mission, Peace, and the Reign of God

Friesen, Duane K.

32/2 (2003): 247–248

John D. Roth

Choosing Against War: A Christian View

Friesen, Duane K.

30/2 (2001): 218–19

ed. Willard M. Swartley

Violence Renounced: René Girard, Biblical Studies, and Peacemaking

Friesen, Duane K.

24/2 (1995): 104–6

Leo Driedger and Donald B. Kraybill

Mennonite Peacemaking: From Quietism to Activism

Friesen, Duane K.

16/2 (1987): 73–74

ed. John E. Toews and Gordon Nickel

The Power of the Lamb

Friesen, John J.

39/1 (2010): 121–123

Rod Janzen

Paul Tschetter: The Story of a Hutterite Immigrant Leader, Pioneer, and Pastor

Friesen, Kenneth Martens

32/2 (2003): 245–247

Christopher D. Marshall

Crowned with Glory and Honor: Human Rights in the Biblical Tradition

Friesen, Layton

48/1 (2019): 71–74

P. Travis Kroeker

Messianic Political Theology and Diaspora Ethics: Essays in Exile

Friesen, Nadine

33/1 (2004): 116–118

Alice P. Matthews

Preaching That Speaks to Women

Friesen, Nadine

28/2 (1999): 265–66

ed. Carol Penner

Women and Men: Gender in the Church

Friesen, Randy

49/1 (2020): 92–94

Willard M. Swartley

Jesus, Deliver Us: Evil, Exorcism and Exousiai

Friesen, Will J.

32/2 (2003): 243–244

Dennis P. Hollinger

Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World

Froese, Brian

51/2 (2022): 208–210

Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation

Froese, Brian

49/1 (2020): 96–98

Darren Dochuk

Anointed with Oil: How Christianity and Crude Made Modern America

Froese, Brian

43/1 (2014): 138–139

Richard G. Kyle

Apocalyptic Fever: End-Time Prophecies in Modern America

Froese, Brian

39/1 (2010): 117–119

T. D. Regehr

A Generation of Vigilance: The Lives and Work of Johannes and Tina Harder

Froese, Vic

47/2 (2018): 287–289

Dominic Erdozain

The Soul of Doubt: The Religious Roots of Unbelief from Luther to Marx

Froese, Vic

39/1 (2010): 113–115

Phyllis Tickle

The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why

Froese, Vic

38/1 (2009): 114–16

Bruxy Cavey

The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus

Froese, Vic

34/1 (2005): 116–17

ed. Ben C. Ollenburger and Gayle Gerber Koontz

A Mind Patient and Untamed: Assessing John Howard Yoder’s Contributions

Froese, Vic

31/2 (2002): 235–37

ed. Victoria Lee Erickson and Michelle Lim Jones

Surviving Terror: Hope and Justice in a World of Violence

Froese, Vic

31/2 (2002): 235–37

ed. Donald B. Kraybill and Linda Gehman Peachey

Where Was God on September 11? Seeds of Faith and Hope

Funk-Unrau, Neil

44/2 (2015): 235–236

Larry A. Dunn

Discovering Forgiveness: Pathways through Injury, Apology and Healing

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Review Book

Gaskovski, Peco

46/2 (2017): 260–262

Lawrence Burkholder

The Leviathan Factor

Geddert, Tim

18/2 (1989): 113–14

C. Norman Kraus

Jesus Christ Our Lord: Christology from a Disciple's Perspective

Giesbrecht, Herbert

20/2 (1991): 160–61

Wesley J. Prieb

Peter C. Hiebert: He Gave Them Bread

Giesbrecht, Herbert

4/3 (1975): 350–51

George David Pries

A Place Called Peniel: Winkler Bible Institute, 1925-1975

Giesbrecht, Herbert

3/2 (1974): 207–9

Jacob P. Bekker

Origin of the Mennonite Brethren Church

Gilbert, Pierre

49/2 (2020): 208–210

Joshua D. Chatraw and Mark D. Allen

Apologetics at the Cross: An Introduction for Christian Witness

Gilbert, Pierre

44/1 (2015): 113–115

Mark A. Pike

Mere Education: C. S. Lewis as Teacher for Our Time

Gleason, Joyce

32/1 (2003): 132–34

John E. Stapleford

Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves: Applying Christian Ethics in Economics

Goertzen, Gaylord L.

30/1 (2001): 110–11

Eugene H. Peterson

The Unnecessary Pastor: Rediscovering the Call

Goertzen, Peggy

37/1 (2008): 150–52

Hermann Gottlieb Mannhardt

The Danzig Mennonite Church: Its Origin and History from 1569–1919

Gray, Delbert D.

36/2 (2007): 282–83

Craig A. Evans

Fabricating Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort the Gospels

Graybill, Beth E.

41/2 (2012): 313–315

Susan Trollinger

Selling the Amish: The Tourism of Nostalgia

Grimsrud, Ted

33/1 (2004): 108–110

Glen H. Stassen and David P. Gushee

Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context

Grimsrud, Ted

31/1 (2002): 120–21

J. Denny Weaver

The Nonviolent Atonement

Guenther, Allen R.

13/3 (1984): 56

Orlando Harms

Pioneer Publisher: The Life and Times of John F. Harms, 1855-1945

Guenther, Allen R.

12/3 (1983): 40

F. F. Bruce

The Epistle to the Galatians

Guenther, Allen R.

12/3 (1983): 40

Peter Davids

The Epistle of James

Guenther, Bruce L.

42/1 (2013): 107–109

Gregory L. Nichols

The Development of Russian Evangelical Spirituality: A Study of Ivan V. Kargel (1849–1937)

Guenther, Titus

44/1 (2015): 109–111

John Howard Yoder

Theology of Mission: A Believers Church Perspective

Guenther, Titus

41/1 (2012): 190–192

ed. James Krabill

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