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Fall 1992 · Vol. 21 No. 2 · pp. 68–69 

Current Research

Elmer A. Martens


Bartlett, Rick. “Ministry to Fourth Through Sixth Graders Based on Current Development and Sociocultural Research”

Rempel, Valerie. “She Hath Done What She Could: The Development of the Women’s Missionary Services in the Mennonite Brethren Churches of the United States”


Bergen, Marvin. “Love that Risks: Learning to Forgive”

Braun, Bill. “I Pledge Allegiance. . .”

Braun, Ken. “A Pastoral Approach to Remarriage for Divorced Persons”

Campbell, Joe. “Spiritual Warfare in the Twentieth Century World”

Dick, David. “Forgiveness Among Believers”

Dyck, David. “Christian Vocation in the Third Age”

Fast, Karen. “The Sin of Obedience”

Ferreira, Sonia. “Jesus and the Caring Missions Challenge”

Fifield, Mary Anne. “Christian Codependents: The Church’s Misguided Servants”

Foth, Alfred. “A Study in Church Growth”

Friesen, David. “The Battle for the Mind: The Deception of Satan”

Heidebrecht, Sherry. “God: The Adoptive Parent”

Hershey-Bergen, Julie. “The Unclean Transformed”

Janzen, Harold. “Jerusalem Koinonia: A Model for the Cell Group Church”

Janzen, Viktor. “Redemptive Church Discipline”

Kidner, Dianne. “The Church—Restoring Victims of Violence”

Kinabrew, Bruce. “The Relationship Between Prayer and the Holy Spirit in Luke” {69}

Klassen, Randy. “Hearing the Voice of Creation”

Klassen, Steve. “Times of Refreshing”

Loewen, Wendell. “Making Peace in the Face of Conflict”

Martens, Kathleen. “A Theology of Aging”

Metz, Ken. “Fearing God and Loving Him More”

Penner, Dawn. “The Power of the Curse”

Penner, Ross. “Holiness: A Transforming Distinctive”

Pritchard, Jon. “Conversion Demands Discipleship: The Church’s ‘Missing Link’ ”

Reimer, Bruce. “The Power of a Metaphor: The Burden of Shame in the Unconscious”

Ruble, Jody. “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Galatians”

Schmidt, Lori. “Empowered for Ministry Through Brokenness”

Siemens, Julie. “The Anger of Christ”

Siemens, Wayne. “The Church’s Healing Response to the Homosexually Struggling Person”

Unger, Merrill. “The Therapeutic Value of Worship”

Unruh, Art. “Mutual Confession in the Body of Christ—the Church”

White, Linda. “Finding Self Through (Re)Discovering the Image of God”

Willms, Ed. “Spiritual Warfare in Mark: A Theology of Jesus’ Deliverance Ministry”

* Theses (100-120 pp) and Senior Seminar Essays (30-35 pp) were completed to meet M. A. and M. Div. requirements at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (1992), and are catalogued in Hiebert Library.

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