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Subject: Anthropology

Laura Schmidt Roberts

45/2 (2016): 136–148

Feature Article

Toward a Theological Anthropology: A Study of Genesis 1–3

Gil Dueck

45/2 (2016): 149–156

Feature Article

Reuniting Relationship and Vocation: Reflection on the Divine Image

Paul Cumin

45/2 (2016): 157–179

Feature Article

Sex After Church: Sexuality via Christology, Revelation, and Ecclesiology

Mark D. Wessner

43/1 (2014): 38–48

Feature Article

Genesis and Human Origins: What Makes a Human ‘Human’ and Why Does it Matter?

Justin Neufeld

43/1 (2014): 76–98

Feature Article

The Face of Christ in the Face of Nature: A Conversation with Jean Vanier, Socrates, James Cone, and Charles Darwin

Jon Isaak

42/2 (2013): 195–206

Feature Article

What it Means to be Human: Anabaptism and New Calvinism in Conversation

Rafael Zaracho

39/2 (2010): 271–281

Ministry Compass

Communicating the Gospel in a Shame Society

Vic Froese

37/2 (2008): 166–7


From the Editor: Can the Soul Be Saved?

Gordon Zerbe

37/2 (2008): 168–84

Feature Article

Paul on the Human Being as a “Psychic Body”: Neither Dualist nor Monist

Terry G. Hiebert

37/2 (2008): 185–200

Feature Article

Is the Search for the Anabaptist Soul a Dead End? Historic Anabaptism Meets Nancey Murphy’s Nonreductive Physicalism

Delmar B. Epp

37/2 (2008): 201–14

Feature Article

I’m a Soul, Man: One Psychologist’s Reflection on Human Nature

Wendy J. Miller

37/2 (2008): 215–22

Feature Article

Nancey Murphy’s Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? A Review Essay

Dan Epp-Tiessen

37/2 (2008): 223–27

Feature Article

Resurrection of the Body or Immortality of the Soul? Some Personal Reflections

Vic Froese

37/2 (2008): 243–47

Recommended Reading

Body and Soul: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Gordon Nickel

36/2 (2007): 126–27


From the Editor: Christian Scholarship and Higher Education

Sam Owusu

36/2 (2007): 192–205

Feature Article

Towards a Theology of Marriage and Polygamy

Pierre Gilbert

36/2 (2007): 206–18

Feature Article

Further Reflections on Paul Hiebert’s “The Flaw of the Excluded Middle”

Vic Froese

36/2 (2007): 269–75

Recommended Reading

Paul G. Hiebert: A Selected Bibliography

Paul G. Hiebert

29/2 (2000): 114–24

Feature Article

Spiritual Warfare and Worldviews

Pierre Gilbert

29/2 (2000): 153–68

Feature Article

The Third Wave Worldview: A Biblical Critique

John Regehr

8/1 (1979): 34–36

Hearing the Word

Equal and Different: Listening Again to Genesis 1:26-2:25

Delbert L. Wiens

2/4 (1973): 98–149

Feature Article

From the Village to the City

Paul G. Hiebert

2/1 (1973): 2–6

Feature Article

Cultural Relativism and Theological Absolutes

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