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Subject: Peace/Justice/Nonresistance

A. H. Unruh

51/1 (2022): 33–43

Feature Article

Enmity toward Jews (Anti-Semitism)

Jesse Nickel

50/2 (2021): 165–176

Feature Article

‘Blessed Are the Peacemakers’: Eschatology, Violence, and the Ministry of Jesus

Andrew Kowan

50/2 (2021): 177–188

Feature Article

The Church, Residential Schools, and Malformed Discipleship

Ched Myers

49/1 (2020): 5–17

Feature Article

Nature against Empire: Exodus Plagues, Climate Crisis, and Hard-Heartedness

Nathan Davis Hunt

49/1 (2020): 28–41

Feature Article

The Shanty and the Watershed: Economics and Atonement for an Integral Restoration of Creation

Bruce L. Guenther

47/2 (2018): 184–206

Feature Article

The Complicated History of Anabaptist-Mennonite Nonresistance

Harold Jantz

45/1 (2016): 4–21

Feature Article

Can Christianity and Islam Live Together

Harry Huebner

45/1 (2016): 47–59

Feature Article

Mennonite–Shi’a Engagement: Proclamation, Friendship, Peacebuilding

M. Darrol Bryant

45/1 (2016): 60–73

Feature Article

Muslim–Christian Dialogue after 9/11

David W. Shenk

45/1 (2016): 74–85

Ministry Compass

Practice Hospitality

Harry Huebner

44/2 (2015): 144–157

Feature Article

Facile Spirituality, Profound Love of God

Douglas Harink

44/1 (2015): 30–42

Feature Article

Romans: A Treatise on Justice?

Gordon M. Zerbe

44/1 (2015): 43–58

Feature Article

From Retributive to Restorative Justice in Romans

Ray Aldred

43/2 (2014): 192–201

Feature Article

Missions to Native Peoples: Moving from Charity to Justice

Doug Heidebrecht

43/2 (2014): 228–242

Feature Article

Toward a Mennonite Brethren Peace Theology: Reading the Bible through an Anabaptist Lens


43/2 (2014): 243–245


Statement of Anabaptist Church Leaders—Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings

Lori Ransom

43/2 (2014): 246–252

Ministry Compass

How We Proclaim Christ’s Triumph

Mark D. Baker

41/1 (2012): 97–110

Feature Article

Which Courtroom and What Narrative Shapes Your Atonement Theology?

Ryan Schellenberg

41/1 (2012): 111–124

Feature Article

Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: A ‘Redaction-Critical’ Reflection

J. Denny Weaver

Gerald J. Mast

41/1 (2012): 125–138

Feature Article

Anabaptist Christology, Racial Reconciliation, and Postconservative Evangelical Theology

Janis Thiessen

38/1 (2009): 17–28

Feature Article

Communism and Labor Unions: The Changing Perspectives of Mennonites in Canada and the United States

I. P. Asheervadam

36/2 (2007): 144–58

Feature Article

Shaping Christian Higher Education: Toward a Relevant Anabaptist View of Education

Douglas B. Miller

35/1 (2006): 2


From the Editor: Old Testament Scholarship in Honor of Allen Guenther

Lynn Jost

35/1 (2006): 70–81

Feature Article

Psalm 33, America, and Empire

Douglas B. Miller

34/2 (2005): 132


From the Editor: Culture Critique

Loren L. Johns

34/2 (2005): 194–214

Feature Article

Conceiving Violence: The Apocalypse of John and the Left Behind Series

Landon Fulmer

33/1 (2004): 85–101

Feature Article

American Mennonites and Nonviolence

Douglas B. Miller

32/1 (2003): 2


From the Editor: Responding to Violence

Dalton Reimer

32/1 (2003): 3–9

Feature Article

Toward a Holistic Understanding of Peace: The Twentieth-Century Journey

Alicia Hughes-Jones

32/1 (2003): 10–20

Feature Article

Reconciling America’s Divided Society Through Religious Revitalization

Gerald Janzen

32/1 (2003): 21–31

Feature Article

Divine Warfare and Nonresistance

Jon Isaak

32/1 (2003): 32–46

Feature Article

The Christian Community and Political Responsibility: Romans 13:1-7

Gordon Zerbe

32/1 (2003): 47–60

Feature Article

Revelation’s Exposé of Two Cities: Babylon and New Jerusalem

Duane Ruth-Heffelbower

32/1 (2003): 61–74

Feature Article

Solving the Problem of Violence

Gordon H. Matties

32/1 (2003): 127–30

Recommended Reading

Nurturing Peace, Responding to Violence: A Bibliographic Reflection

Lynn Jost

27/2 (1998): 177–88

Feature Article

Warfare in the Old Testament: An Argument for Peacemaking in the New Millennium

Kazuhiro Enomoto

27/1 (1998): 14–19

Feature Article

Peacemakers in All Situations: A Meditation on Love and Nonresistance

Matthew G. Neufeld

23/2 (1994): 90–97

Feature Article

Submission to Governing Authorities: A Study of Romans 13:1-7

Hugo Zorrilla

22/1 (1993): 73–80

Feature Article

Mission and Suffering: A Camouflaged Truth

Marlin E. Thomas

19/2 (1990): 65–74

Feature Article

The Pastor's Role in Managing Church Conflict

Peter Kroeker

16/1 (1987): 18–26

Feature Article

Peace, Justice, Evangelism: The Mission of the Church

Harold J. Dyck

14/1 (1985): 44–50

Feature Article

The Christian and the Authorities: Romans 13:1-7

Wally Kroeker

13/1–2 (1984): 3–15

Feature Article

The Deadly Race

Mervin Dick

13/1–2 (1984): 16–25

Feature Article

The Biblical Basis of Peacemaking

Devon H. Wiens

13/1–2 (1984): 26–32

Feature Article

The Passion History as Holy War

Richard Kyle

13/1–2 (1984): 33–43

Feature Article

The Concept and Practice of Separation from the World in Mennonite Brethren History

John E. Toews

3/1 (1974): 173–76

Feature Article

Response: The Theology and Strategy of Peace as Evangelism

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