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Subject: End Times

Richard G. Kyle

46/2 (2017): 195–205

Feature Article

An Unlikely Scholar

Richard Kyle

42/1 (2013): 26–37

Feature Article

Why Do Americans Love Doomsday?

Brian Froese

39/2 (2010): 220–233

Feature Article

Monsters in the Church: Marking the Body in Evangelical Horror

Paul Doerksen

35/2 (2006): 253–60

Feature Article

Hope Without Eschatology?

Loren L. Johns

34/2 (2005): 194–214

Feature Article

Conceiving Violence: The Apocalypse of John and the Left Behind Series

Walter Unger

28/2 (1999): 201–17

Feature Article

Mennonite Millennial Madness: A Case Study

Richard Kyle

26/1 (1997): 62–79

Feature Article

Visions of the End: A History of the Last Days

John B. Toews

Paul Toews

Richard Kyle

26/1 (1997): 93–95

Recommended Reading

On Mennonite History and Millennialism

David Ewert

5/2 (1976): 3–7

Feature Article

Eschatology: What Are the Issues?

David Ewert

1/1 (1972): 8–18

Feature Article

The Spirit and the Age to Come

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