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Subject: Counseling

Cheryl Dueck Smith

52/1 (2023): 5–20

Feature Article

Clergy Care, Couples, and COVID-19: Fostering Resilience

Autumn Lindberg

52/1 (2023): 21–27

Feature Article

The Misguided Promise of Relational Defenses and the Courage to Hope

Quentin Kinnison

52/1 (2023): 28–40

Feature Article

Learning to Grieve in a New World: A Pastoral Reflection

Gloria J. Woodland

47/2 (2018): 142–153

Feature Article

Ministry amid Competing Values: Pastoral Care and Medical Assistance in Dying

Vic Froese

42/1 (2013): 92–100

Recommended Reading

Faculty Recommendations

Wendy J. Miller

37/2 (2008): 215–22

Feature Article

Nancey Murphy’s Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? A Review Essay

Derrick Mueller

31/1 (2002): 46–53

Feature Article

Virtues of an Effective Youth Worker

James Penner

31/1 (2002): 62–67

Feature Article

Response to “A Generation of Ghosts”

Dean Kliewer

21/1 (1992): 15–25

Feature Article

Congregational Care Needs and Resources Study: An Overview

Al Dueck

21/1 (1992): 26–40

Feature Article

Congregational Care Needs and Resources Survey: A Summary

Dean Kliewer

21/1 (1992): 41–51

Feature Article

Care Risks in the Anabaptist Community: Congregational Care Needs and Resources Study Findings

Marie Riediger

21/1 (1992): 64–72

Feature Article

The Art of Listening to Hurting People

Darlene Driedger [Klassen]

21/1 (1992): 73–76

Feature Article

Receiving Care in Crisis Situations: A Personal Crisis

John D. Friesen

19/1 (1990): 39–48

Feature Article

Rituals and Family Strength

Karl Bartsch

19/1 (1990): 69–80

Feature Article

Personality Type Differences and Marriage Counseling

Larry Martens

19/1 (1990): 99–102

Recommended Reading

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Mike Klassen

10/4 (1981): 32–40

Feature Article

Counseling for Quality: Recent Research Relevant for Premarital Counseling in the Church

George G. Konrad

7/2 (1978): 23–32

Feature Article

Responsible Christian Counseling

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