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Subject: Theology: Historical

Jon Isaak

44/1 (2015): 59–71

Feature Article

The ‘Inauthentic’ Letters of Paul

Doug Heidebrecht

43/2 (2014): 228–242

Feature Article

Toward a Mennonite Brethren Peace Theology: Reading the Bible through an Anabaptist Lens

Harold Jantz

36/2 (2007): 232–46

Feature Article

A Pietist Pastor and the Russian Mennonites: The Legacy of Eduard Wuest

Harold Jantz

36/1 (2007): 58–73

Feature Article

Pietism’s Gift to Russian Mennonites

Douglas B. Miller

35/2 (2006): 206–7


From the Editor: The Evangelical Conscience

Andrew Klager

35/2 (2006): 268–78

Feature Article

Passive Sacramentalism and Ontological Soteriology in Hans Denck and Gregory of Nyssa

Kirk R. MacGregor

35/2 (2006): 279–99

Feature Article

Hubmaier’s Concord of Predestination with Free Will

Chris K. Huebner

34/2 (2005): 228–40

Feature Article

Between Victory and Victimhood: Reflections on Culture and Martyrdom

Jon Isaak

33/1 (2004): 3–20

Feature Article

Baptism Among the Early Christians

Walter Unger

33/1 (2004): 33–47

Feature Article

The Church “Without Spot or Wrinkle”: Testing the Tradition

Frances F. Hiebert

30/2 (2001): 122–38

Feature Article

The Atonement in Anabaptist Theology

Ryan Topping

30/2 (2001): 199–210

Feature Article

The Idea of Christian Philosophy

Gerald Ediger

29/2 (2000): 125–41

Feature Article

Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare in Historical Retrospect

Henry G. Krahn

10/3 (1981): 3–6

Feature Article

Significance of the Anabaptist Vision for Mennonite Brethren

J. B. Toews

10/3 (1981): 20–29

Feature Article

The Influence of Fundamentalism on Mennonite Brethren Theology

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