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Subject: Other Faiths/Cults

Jon C. Olson

52/2 (2023): 147–158

Feature Article

Can Christians Who Disagree about Homosexuality Still Get Along? What We Can Learn from the Inclusivism of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Jim Pankratz

47/1 (2018): 51–65

Feature Article

The Island of Knowledge and Shoreline of Wonder

Richard G. Kyle

46/2 (2017): 195–205

Feature Article

An Unlikely Scholar

Rod Janzen

46/1 (2017): 81–99

Feature Article

Old Order Christianity in the Central Valley: Old German Baptist Brethren, Holdeman Mennonites, and Spiritual Jumper Molokans

Harold Jantz

45/1 (2016): 4–21

Feature Article

Can Christianity and Islam Live Together

Mohammad Ali Shomali

45/1 (2016): 22–31

Feature Article

Spiritual Poverty: A Shi’i Perspective

Gordon Nickel

45/1 (2016): 32–46

Feature Article

The Qur’an’s Respectful View of the Bible

Harry Huebner

45/1 (2016): 47–59

Feature Article

Mennonite–Shi’a Engagement: Proclamation, Friendship, Peacebuilding

M. Darrol Bryant

45/1 (2016): 60–73

Feature Article

Muslim–Christian Dialogue after 9/11

David W. Shenk

45/1 (2016): 74–85

Ministry Compass

Practice Hospitality

Vic Froese

45/1 (2016): 86–96

Recommended Reading

Islam and Christianity: A Classified, Annotated Bibliography

Arthur Dück

41/2 (2012): 267–276

Feature Article

Holistic Witness in Religiously Diverse Societies

Randy Klassen

39/2 (2010): 204–219

Feature Article

Monopods, Magic, and Mission: C.S. Lewis’s ‘Spell for Making Hidden Theology Visible’

Michael VandenEnden

39/2 (2010): 234–243

Feature Article

Aboriginal Cultural Recovery and the Fear of Syncretism

Robert Boyd

39/2 (2010): 244–254

Feature Article

Christian Relationship with the World: Evangelicalism and World Religions

Dean E. Peachey

37/1 (2008): 111–121

Feature Article

Teaching Within and Between Two Worlds

Gordon Nickel

36/2 (2007): 219–31

Feature Article

Scholarship and Islamic Sourcebooks: Telling the Truth about Islam

Vic Froese

36/2 (2007): 269–75

Recommended Reading

Paul G. Hiebert: A Selected Bibliography

Richard Kyle

29/2 (2000): 91–99

Feature Article

The Occult Roars Back: Its Modern Resurgence

Gordon Nickel

23/1 (1994): 3–16

Feature Article

Islam and Salvation: Some On-Site Observations

Eberhard Troeger

23/1 (1994): 17–21

Feature Article

The Concept of Salvation in the Christian-Muslim Encounter

R. S. Lemuel

23/1 (1994): 22–26

Feature Article

Salvation according to Hinduism

Santos L. Raj

23/1 (1994): 27–28

Feature Article

Salvation as Release from Karma

Victor Adrian

23/1 (1994): 29–43

Feature Article

Jesus and the Religions of the World

Delbert L. Wiens

23/1 (1994): 44–53

Feature Article

Luke on Pluralism: Flex with History

Paul G. Hiebert

23/1 (1994): 114–15

Recommended Reading

On Religious Pluralism

Ronald W. Neufeldt

12/2 (1983): 28–33

Feature Article

The Study of Other Religions: Its Necessity and Problems

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